Let’s talk about the demarcation between the real us versus appearances (or the side we show to others). What you seem to be or appear to be, is it what you really are or who you really are?

I have been much inspired by this topic since our little group of friends had this conversation in a round table genre. 

During our conversation, one of us enthusiastically said that he had bought a new shirt and it required a chino to match it. He spoke of his appointment with his hairdresser for a grooming session for an important event. Eventually he admitted that his confidence is built by his looks, the way he grooms and the perception of other people. 

The floor went bonkers, with everyone wanting to give their input. Someone mentioned that there is a clear distinction between ‘l’être’ et le ‘paraître’. What appears is not necessarily real.

We unanimously agreed that He will definitely look the most dashing guy with his latest outfits, hairdo and face grooming. However, the consensus was that it would be his capable speech which would create that spark surrounding him in everyone’s mind and portray his real caliber.

Learn more in Part 2.

Photo credits: Unsplash

😇Hari Om😇