Choosing one’s ideal in life becomes a herculean task only if we understand the importance of it. If we follow someone with utmost understanding, dedication and honesty (without distorting the originality); with the span of time we start behaving and thinking like the Ideal for better or worse.

I was reading a book on psychological warfare, where the author detailed how the influential’s over time bit by bit manipulates the public perception by changing the core of their belief system gradually and thus forming an altogether different system according to their convenience at that time.

Once a lady complained to Thakur that her son was binge eating sweets and inspite of scolding was unwilling to change his tendency of sweet tooth. After listening to the issue, Thakur said to come after two weeks. Two weeks later, upon arrival Thakur explained the boy lovingly why his mother is worried with his habbit and how he is spoiling his teeths. The boy understood as Thakur’s words touched his heart. But the mother being a bit perplexed, asked Thakur why He took two weeks to say this thing which He could have said before. Thakur replied innocently that He also loved eating sweets and how could He advise someone on something which contradicts His habbit. Only after abstaining from sweets Himself for two weeks, He advised the boy. 

First practice and then preach. This is the way of the enlightened master’s in this punya bhumi(the land of virtue and purity). How beautiful would life become if we all could get rid of all our hypocrisy’s and live a life void of contradictions and conflicts. The fanaticism we see in this world in every possible aspect is a defense mechanism to counteract the failure and preserve the flawed identity caused by the lack of Self-honesty.

What is the use of reading the Srimad-Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, the pure live’s of the sages, the thousands of self-realised teachings and philosophies; if we can’t utilise them practically in our day to day life and live up to That ideal.

Philosophies and teachings won’t take us too far if we don’t start doing sadhana and live a life of Practical Vedanta. Without practice, this ideals would simply create more ignorance, pride of bookish knowledge and make us far worse then the beginning.

The entire Vedanta can be summarised by the four Mahavakyas. Among these four great sayings, one as I understand if followed can lead to the ideal of Living Vedanta. The Mahavakya “Sarvam Khalvidam Brahman” means the essence of everything, the entire creation is the same Universal All pervading Divinity. Thus everything is Divine and pure, no impurity exists. Just by religiously following this great saying, one can develop compassion, unconditional caring, respect for everything and live a harmonious sustainable life. We can then appreciate the beauty in everything and see The Mother Divine in everything. It is the realisation of the para-bhakta, the Vijnani where He sees That God alone has become Everything [*It doesn’t mean everything is God which is an interpretation of the Panpsychic thought. The true meaning is GOD ALONE IS]. This complete Jnana transforms into Desireless Action and Para-bhakti [As said by Sant Kabir, “Ab Hari hain, mein nahin”] which is the expression, a manifestation of the Absolute Godliness . The Bhakta now is truly the personification of the Universal Motherliness in flesh and blood.

Thank you for reading this post 🙏. Stay happy, healthy and may you become the inspiration for the people around by living a truthful life.

Om Sri Matre Namah.