We have a pantheon of Gods and Goddesses in Sanatan Dharma. Yet, in Sri Badrika ashram there is just one vigraha, that of Sri Hari. The feminine and masculine principle. Although we sing glories of all Gods and Goddesses, we dont really have an idol assigned to each or atleast few of them in the ashram. This never really bothered me much because I always liked to focus on one. A simple altar is what appeals to me. So having just the one vigraha of Sri Hari appealed to my mind.

Although my Guru has many times explained in many ways the meaning of Sri Hari. It is only now that I truly understand the meaning, and also why just the one vigraha of Sri Hari is enough. And I felt I should share it with you all, the community I am part of.

Living in this world, we are constantly birthing something new to life; ideas, desires, a new life itself, or creative inspirations etc.
Bringing anything to life needs a woman, the feminine principle. It is the mother who carries life in her womb and brings it out into the world. The father, masculine principle, protects and sustains it.

When you need to birth something you need to get in touch with your feminine aspect. Your creativity, intuition, sensitivity, emotions, nurturing abilities, how you care for yourself and others are all the feminine in you. That is when you are in touch with the mother, the goddess herself.

When you take action on your inspired thoughts, and creative ideas. When you give it shape and form and manifest them in your lives. That is when you are using the masculine energy , and are in touch with the father.

When a baby is birthed, It not only needs nurturing and care. But also protection and stability. Creation and sustenance go hand in hand. One cannot do without the other. We have both Sri and Hari within us. Whenever we are in touch with our intuition and creativity, we are in touch with Ma, and when we bring something to action, we are in touch with Hari. When we realise they are both always in us, with us, we reach our highest potential.

Devi manifests Shiva in this world of shape and form.

Bhavam-Bhavani sahitam namaami !!

As always with love