“Problems are not stop signs, they are Guidelines.” Robert H. Schuller


Life is not as simple as it seems. It has its ups and downs, and still, we live, love, laugh, and try to make the most out of it. Every individual may be a toddler or an 80-year-old great grant father. Everyone has their own set of problems but does it mean we stop living and be crybabies. No is the only answer to this problem, and as it is always quoted,” No in itself is a complete answer.”

Problems can be sub-divided, which can be the reason for miseries for some. Majorly problems can be subdivided into two parts:


·         Lack of love and care

·         Attention in family

·         Overweight

·         Medical, social and emotional problems

·         The list can go on, and these problems change every day but for sure every week.


·         Promotions

·         Targets

·         Politics

·         Ego wars


But, is it the end of the world, is it the end of life, or will the person try to kill himself or just run away in the woods. The answer remains “No.”

A quote that comes to mind at this moment goes like this,” IF the world throws stones at you, it is your choice to make a wall of it or a bridge.”

In short, it can be said that life can never be a cakewalk, and problems will arise now and then, but if thought over mindfully, it is a sign or a wake-up call that can lead you to new heights and make you achieve big. Thus, make every distraction an opportunity as it is the way we look at it, and it’s our actions matter the most.

Go get it and make the difference, as you can be a guiding light for a few people, and maybe your actions can lead to their growth.


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