I opened the door of my balcony to see the pigeons and parrots feeding from their bowl fly away swiftly by the mere sound of the door opening. Alas! I felt…

What kind of impression do we Human have left on these birds – They fear our closeness and hesitate in our proximity (except some courageous ones!) At the same time I felt their fear and flight reaction! An aspect we Humans share as well! Don’t we?Β 

It is speculated that life originated from a single celled form and without going in much detail of evolution, we have reached the evolutionary stage of a Human Being – complex yet sophisticated!Β 

Most us know and can see physical progress but so far as the tendencies (of a animal to Human) are concerned, we as Human have not progressed (in the consciousness that we have!) and are still there where we were as other creatures. Don’t you think?

Let’s check – Heard of these common phrases used to explain human’s temperament around or for the behaviour we exhibit in a given situations! –

– at snail’s pace…
– Chant like a Parrot!
– Courage of a Lion!
– Hold your Horses!
– Lion’s share…
– Watch like a hawk!!!
– Tom and Jerry encapsulate a lot! πŸ˜‰

Are they fun?Β 

These idiom did not come about just like that! I wonder what chain of evolution we/each Human followed, resulting each of us as unique beings and hence evolved as a Human and most importantly what ingrained and dominant impressions do we imbibe from those life form that this Human form has evolved from. Every one has different tendencies/temperaments/weakness and strong points.Β  Evolution of Consciousness – Om Swami

For past few years as I have seen within – looking within as I try and strive to meditate there is a lot that revealed (about temperaments). One of the observation –Β 

Tendencies are not strong they are just dense!

Accumulated for over millennia if not centuries! And if one deem them strong, it is like giving them power (Oh! poor me, can not handle those temperaments/habits and so on… Oh no, they are not strong they are dense!) and excuse them to rule our discretion and hence let those ‘instincts’ rule us.

As Swami ji says those temperaments are – Kama Krodha Lobha Moha…….Lajja (quoted below)!!!

These are not afflictions. They are different temperaments. If one contemplate on it. These are actually temperament/ attitude of a human being. Though undesired by a Human being but still fear arise in one’s mind. Jealousy arises! If these were affliction then it would affect each one in same proportion and ways – these afflictions which are gifted by God’s to Human.(giggles)

(Quoted above is from Guru Purnima 2020 discourse!)

Β 1.Kama, – Lust or Desire
2.​​Krodha – Anger or resentmentΒ 
3.Lobha – Greed or Misplaced Ambition
4.Moha – Attachment or Obsession
5.Ahamkara – Ego or Conceit
6.Raag –Β  Passion or attachment to pleasure
7.Devesh – Jealousy or Envy
8.Bhaya- Fear
9.Ghrina – Hatred
10.Lajja – Shame/Taboo

(Above list is from Self-Purification (virtual) Event held at Sri Badrika Ashram! )Β 

Now how does it make a difference if temperaments are strong or dense. Well it does!

One thing is they are not strong and we need not fight with them πŸ˜› Second thing is, them being dense means –

They (temperaments) have deep instincts, which are made impression over v. long evolutionary time so by understanding them, giving them an emphatic understanding, an observation and introspection, will not only help one calm/lessen the impact of a particular temperament but also help you eventually gear/manage those temperament as per your desire!

Whether you need to show anger when an unpleasant situation arise or keep calm and act/ignore/move on. Whether you need to keep your emotional aspect in check or when to pour your heart out you would know! ( well I am still learning moderating my words, it’s length when I respond in comments or write a post – hope it is not that awkward, lol!)Β 

Because in the world outside these temperament are necessary but if they are under your check you would know and decide – How much and when to use them hence carving a beautiful and befitting response while you act in the world. And within you shall be in equanimity.

So, your tendency/your temperament that is bothering you at this moment – it’s just dense and not strong. Being Human and having a mind of Human that can understand, adopt and practice ways to better oneself, if committed you can surprise yourself.Β 

As Swami ji said (Guru Purnima, 2020) –Β 

If I change my mind these temperaments/attitude will change. If temperament/attitude changes my afflictions will change. Otherwise, the nature of these temperament is such that it is carry-forwarded/ remains with a person for his/her whole life.

A diamond evolves from a coal in dense and high pressure situation. That’s the journey of that Gem! We, as Human had covered a long journey already. So, that which is a challenge today is actually an opportunity. πŸ™‚

So why drag along these undesirable “density” when you can start working on them now and transform! πŸ’Ž

Especially when we have a RARE opportunity helping us all!Β 

Salutations to Swami ji πŸ™πŸŒΈ

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