I noticed a very interesting common thing in Jeff Bezos and Dalai Lama.

Their Laughter. Its infectious.

This has been one of my biggest growth curve in life and I am still growing through it 🙂 Learning to bring in more humor in daily life and laughing more.

As a quote goes ” Don’t take life too seriously, nobody ever got out of it alive.”  Not to mention laughter helps release stress and according to some research, helps human beings to live longer. Whether its at work, business or life, I think people enjoy company of those who have a sense of humor, can laugh at themselves and makes others laugh.

What’s the point of going through life without moments that would make us laugh?

Imagine when we were young kids, we laughed a lot more. I tried to chose a picture for this post that would remind us of that. Somehow we were conditioned that being adults meant we had to be serious all the time. But I think there is a very strong case to keep the child in us alive!

I have definitely developed a lot more appreciation for all the comedians out there. Making people laugh. From Rusell Peters to Kapil Sharma, gratitudes to all of them!

Here is a joke that made me laugh.

Two men were talking. “Did you hear there is life without the internet?”
The other replied. “You’re kidding, give me the link!”

One of the things I look forward to daily is to complete my daily challenge on the Black Lotus app and getting rewarded with the humor of the day. One more reason to take up one of the goals on the app 🙂

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