Few tips learned along the way… listening

A story, I often find myself sharing… 

In one of the seminars, I walked in with more than 200 students, sitting in a hall and a handful of teachers trying to calm them down, overheard them saying don’t be mischievous and listen to the speaker carefully. Don’t embarrass us (the teachers) and the school’s name 😉

I was to talk to them and share how to proceed with their career path at the current juncture of their studies. I shared the following story with them

–There are reasons, why God Has made us the way we are, especially related to the design of our head. 

story of …

1 Nose (2 Nostrils), with strength and sensitivity to enjoy the beautiful fragrances of life. Be it pleasant or unpleasant, of liking or not. NO shutters, still have the flexibility to be closed briefly (to avoid unpleasant odors)

2 Ears (Beautifully decked), with 2 Pinnas, carved like soft leaves and designed with curves for clarity to hear and protected inner ear cannal and absolutely NO shutters

2 Eyes to watch, observe, and enjoy the colors of life, but with eyelids acting as shutters to prevent and control NOT seeing bad things.

2 Lips, 32 Guards (teeth) trying to hold, contain and control, 50gram Tongue, NOT to slip and blabber. Still gets out to show its strength, Not able to be contained…

1 Tongue, so flexible, and light weight yet not able to be held back, it finds its way out…and is very very difficult to counter and even it can crack or bring down any relation, person or family for that matter.

Controlling this small muscle can be most healthy physical exercise 🙂

Moral : Speak Less, Listen More

…our tongue 🙂

Kids were laughing and got tickled by the story. At the end of my talk, few students came to me and asked How to control the muscle 😉 and be more effective. I continued with the following questions.

Do you find yourself saying or stating in your conversation (be it group or one on one)?

Can you just Listen to me?

Are you all Listening to me?

Have you heard what I just said?

Can you just open your ears?

Our life is so convoluted and is like a Microwave lifestyle, pop in a packet, ching 1 minute later Dinner is ready. Nothing, in reality, works like it. Well, humans are actually not like that, we are designed to be heard, with emotions and acceptance.

Message for people, struggling to have Good, Healthy, and Productive conversation. The following few tips will be a BIG support to have a positive output. This has been lovely learning I received while going through some classic books on winning over new friends and doing some sales as a student. Eventually, this technique found its way into my personal relationships and routine activities too, as a habit. (Yes, at times I do miss and forget to be mindful though)

Active Listening: (Listen first and Speak later)

Patience, a virtue, comes with an active practice.

Posture – Leaning and facing towards the person (speaker)

Nodding gently in acknowledgment (Not necessarily as acceptance).

Looking into eyes (Not staring), essentially T-zone or Triangle zone area (eyebrows to the nose).

Listening and Comprehending the information (Mentally).

NOT in a rush to add words or complete statements of others.

NEVER roll your eyes over while listening. 

Try to keep a gentle and genuine smile on the face.

Try remembering Name of the person too 🙂

Finally, kids learned a few tips for their life skills (hopefully), and for us adults, we need to pass on the right healthy message and teach to younger ones at home.

Let’s be more mindful and compassionate in conversation, with a small tweak, and learn to listen more and speak les. No wonder why all the super successful people are always liked, because they know how to listen first. More to learn on shravan. 

Gratitude and Thankful to Swami Ji for his every loving, compassionate grace to allow me to share at os.me and this wonderful pariwaar.

— In the devotion of Swami Ji 

Jai Shri Hari !!!

Pic Credit: Sourced from Pixabay and designed in Canva (.) com