Are You Ready?

Are you ready for that day

When your loved ones

Will be no more with you? 

All your memories

Of love and laughter,

abhijog and abhiman —

Will be your only treasure.

Are you ready to face that day? 

Are you ready to forgive them?

Who has done wrong to you,

Abused and battered your soul?

— Your own burdens of failures,

Guilts, fears, pains and weight of dead wishes —

Are you ready to put them down

Once and forever? 

Are you ready to accept

All your faults and imperfections?

With a broad heart,

Are you willing to embrace your life —

No matter how that’s been,

Good or bad, great or unworthy, fulfilling or unfulfilled? 

Knowing well that one day you’ll die,

Are you ready to change

Right here, right now?

Are you ready to take charge of your life,

To chart out your life the way you want —

Towards your goal, your fulfilment?

Are you ready to commit?

Be ready to leave everything one day…

Your family, your friends, your furniture,

Your unfinished projects

Will be meaningless that day.

Ask yourself, 

Will you be sulking at your life, with a bitter taste

In your heart,

Or, will you leave with a smile on your lips

That comes only with contentment? 

Are you ready for your last moments,

Are you ready to leave? 

Thank you.
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