Swamiji s greatest gift to Sanatan Dharam is Sadhna app, Did he ever mention in his discourse, book or blogs that he wants us to spread upanishads or our interpretation of mythological tales? Rather when ever anyone has asked ,he says follow Bhagwat Geeta or Om Swami books ,yes for kids he did recommend Amar Chitra Katha.  Did any one ever wonder why Swamiji opened os.me for every  one? Did he want to earn from here or did he want us to send our earnings from some other writing platform as Medium to up keep Sadhna app? With most of us having demanding families ( kids/ prents) aswell work commitments, would it be beneficial if we spend our precious time in using Sadhna app or even If we feel like spreading it ,doing same by writing  on os.me??? Were you told ever by anyone your past life saintly or spiritual high experiences too or have you felt elated ego hearing same?JAGO SADHAK JAGO.