As soon as a bundle of joy ,the star of their eyes and the cutest being to posess is born to Parents they name him or her lovingly and in most pamperred way to a short cute name which they cuddle the little baby with! Most houses of our times had a Sonu ,Monu ,Raju ,Bunty ,Pinky ,Pappu ,Guddu ,Guriya, Shanu ,Manu ,Shanee,Babu ,Kaku or Chhotu…did i mention your names Momo and Mun mun…yes i know your secrets! If you wete a Vijay formaly you were Vijju and your brother Ajay was Ajju! The combination of Sonu…the golden sibling and Monu…did he understand mind was most common! I had Raju dukaan daar ,to Raju plumber to Raju dost on my telephone diary list! Girls were usually Minni ,Guddi or Baby …based on their parents perceived size they ll attain….thank God my dad dint name me Nazuk or Komal or a Saabu personality Rambo girl would be mismatch! Most fair boys were Kalu so that they don’t get Nazzar or evil eye and most cat eyed were Billus ,Babu ,babloo ,Rinku ,Tinku ,Pintoo ,Chintoo were most rhyming nick names of Sibblings .Then there were the Goloos and Motoos for chubby children, also i heard Bachee ,Monkey ,keechooo ,Birjoo and Kuchloo…most south indian freinds were Chinna! Ashu Mona ,Santu ,Bantu ,Kotu and Nanhe were among my naughty friends too! Did i mention your name yet Shashi and Rashi? Do mention in comments of your and your siblings nick names i missed some!

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