Dear readers, have you ever asked yourself one simple question? The most fundamental question every seeker should have. Perhaps, If you are wondering what that is, let me ask you again. “Do we know the whole truth or the half-truth?” The half-truth is also a truth but not complete and could lead to conclusions which can change the fate of humanity. The question did not strike all of a sudden, rather after critically examining both sides of the religious beliefs.

In the Abrahamic religion (Islam, Christianity) the basis of their faith is that God is one and one should not worship any other thing except God, which goes parallel with Sanatan Dharma where we also acknowledge that the Bhagawan is the supreme being and everything emanates from him. The disagreement comes when the concept of multi-dimensional for of God is brought in forth which contradicts the Abrahamic point of view.  On one end The Supreme God should be worshipped as he is (neither comprehending his form by any mental speculation nor comparing him with any worldly defined objects) on the other we see everything and everyone as a part of God and worship him in every possible way we see fit.

Which one is authentic then? If we see from the Sanatan Dharmic point of view, many sages and yogis did immense tapas and presented the truth in front of us. Many of us do sadhanas and get immense results. The same is with the Abrahamic point of view too. They stick to it because it worked for them too. So, if both of the ways work too well then we can conclude that both lead to the same supreme. However, if that’s the case then why the Abrahamic view of religion denies the Sanatan Dharma?

Is it because we never really understood what is written in the scriptures? or is it because we are afraid to face the truth? What is truth anyway when our individual truth is majorly composed of second-hand experience? Why don’t we who follow Sanatan dharma explore the Abrahamic point of view and vice versa? Are we afraid that our so-called truths will be shattered? We have to eat both Orange and Apples to conclude which tastes better, perhaps, it could be all Oranges and no apples at all!