Wasn’t Buddha, Buddha before realization?
was enlightenment something created out of effort?
what if it was already there?
what if dhyan and samadhi are already there?
what if we have already arrived at the sense of fulfillment, we have been craving ever since?

what if we are already complete in all aspects? And effort to get something or somewhere is not letting us see this.

What do we crave ultimately? Isn’t it the sense of fulfillment or completenes?

We live by getting one thing done to undertaking other and then another and so on. A person is supposed to complete his studies, get a job, marry, have children and life goes on. Apparently, we are trying to get somewhere but not sure where exactly. As if life would culminate into something big towards the end. Seemingly, it won’t.

To me, if we are ever to be complete, this is the moment, this is the time or never.

we can permit ourselves the sense of completeness anytime and let the life unfold as it wishes to.

We will still be doing tasks after tasks and facing challenges after challenges. But this fact should not affect our sense of completeness.

With sense of completeness deeply imbibed in us, we will also be detached to the results, as we are already COMPLETE.




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