Prelude: This poem is inspired by Swami Vivekananda’s thundering call:

Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached. 

I believe, we all have the necessary strength to rise up to our full potential. We just need to cast off our self-limiting beliefs and unconducive habits. When the soul calls, we must not fear anymore. We are all capable of reaching great heights. We just have to keep the faith alive, like a roaring fire. That’s it. 




Arise from the slumber of weakness, O Soul

Arise from the chamber of fears.


Thou art a bird, claim the heavens—

Sky-born art thou, why hide in tears? 


Long thus you’ve spent your days:

In guilt and shame, pain and despair.


Come awake. Stand upon your iron resolve.

Kindle the inner strength and blaze like a fire!


Nothing stops you, but your feeble mind.

Shun all feebleness. Say you’re strong as wind.


Say you can do everything, right here right now.

Say you are the Master, and the mind will bow! 


You have all the power. Look inside. 

The world is awaiting your flight. 


Fear no more. Cast off all limiting beliefs.

Gather all your might and take the leap—


Spread your wings. Believe you can. 

Your brethren is calling you. Don’t you hear them fly? 


Remember your glories…

How you too marked the sky!


Your term of imprisonment is over now.

Rise up to your duty. 


Lead the world to a new light:

Of love and hope, truth and beauty.


Why should any fear hold you back?

Until death comes, don’t die like this!


Reach your highest summit. That’s your destiny.

Fulfill your goal, O Child of Immortal Bliss!


Arise, O Soul, from all numbness of will.

You are stronger than you think, mightier than you feel!

Thank you for your time.
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