Have you ever been hurt by the actions or words of someone at work? Nearly everyone has, including me. Anger, bitterness, anxiety, or even vengeance are common behaviours that come with being stabbed in the back or thrown under the bus. But if these feelings linger and persist, it can have devastating consequences for the one holding the grudge.

So what do you do? How do you cope and get your peace back?

Embrace forgiveness.

You heard me right. Forgiveness is rarely discussed or formally embedded into the corporate culture. But it should be. Forgiveness can be an effective way to restore trust and set things right with colleagues and bosses alike so you’re running on all cylinders again.

Forgiveness was “linked to increased productivity, decreased absenteeism (fewer days missing work), and fewer mental and physical health problems, such as sadness and headaches.”

Forgiveness also extends outwardly to impact others not involved in the conflict. “fosters positive emotions that can improve decision making, cognitive functioning, and the quality of relationships.”

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