I recently read an article by Yuval Noah Harrari where he mentions the dangers of Artificial Intelligence if it’s not regulated. He lays out a scenario where AI knows humans better than humans know themselves, in which case it could potentially work against us rather than for us. Example, it would tell us what we should eat, who should be our friend, who should be our partner, what career we should choose and a host of other situations. This is because it has so much data about us, this is why data privacy is such a huge issue globally. 

Shifting focus to being solutions oriented. Harrari in his book 21 lessons for the 21st century mentions meditation and mindfulness to be a very important factor and one of the 21 lessons for human beings. 

AI becomes powerful because we start living like robots and lose our sense of awareness. Mindfulness and meditation is all about developing that present moment awareness. Then even if we are using technology, we would be aware of what’s happening and it won’t be able to manipulate us. 

 Think of so many things we do that we don’t even think about and then later on wonder did I really do this,how did I even think of this thing? That’s because of technology, the data it has about us. Then using things like recommendations and targeted advertisements to name a few so the bottom line is that technology is a great tool but a terrible master. The good thing is that we can do a lot about it and we also know the solution, it’s not like nobody knows what to do.

It’s meditation and mindfulness. This is not me saying it, Noah Harrari one of the most thoughtful 

Few days ago on the black lotus app, I was reading the wisdom of the day as part of focus goal pack. The story was about how Ma Kali emerged as a form of Mother Goddess to kill Rakhtabeeja who was wreaking havoc in the battle. Many people know this story. But what might be not easy to see and understand is that in the situation when Raktabeeja was causing chaos, it was the mindfulness of Mother Goddess that Ma Kali in her wrathful form emerged from her and defeated Rakthabeeja.

Modern day Superpower = Mindfulness. Access the superpower through the Black Lotus app which has been a lifesaver for me. The book “Mind Full to Mindful” by Om Swami is also a great place to start or restart.