🍁 As Long As You Live

As long as you live,

Have love in your heart

Compassion in your eyes

Equanimity within

And fearlessness in your stride.


Don’t carry your past.

Put the baggage down.

Don’t fret about future—

Let it unfold 

Slowly and gently.

You just glide

Like a boat 

On the waters of life. 


Do your duties.

Never break promises,

Run from responsibilities.

Learn to keep the world

Always at bay.

And relax in your being.

Let tides of sorrow and pain

Come splashing on you. You just see:

The grandeur of it all, 

The indescribable beauty.

You just smile

With your whole being.

Like it’s a celebration of life!


Come out of your shells

Of pain and fears.

See the endless sky,

The birds, the mountains, the clouds 

And the seas.

How many shades of life!


Be free, be free

From prisons of self-treachery.

P.S: Death is not to be feared. Only when we don’t live well, we fear death. Live in such a way that even death becomes a celebration! 

Love, compassion, fearlessness and equanimity are immortal qualities of the soul. The more we manifest them, more we become free. 

May all live a blessed life. 🙏

Thank you.
Image Credit: istockphoto

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