I’m recovering from an emotionally and physically draining week. 

I brought it upon myself, because this is what I do: I choose the most difficult path and then I ask myself, what made you do that Elena? Or at least it seems so. What am I trying to do? I wonder. Test my inner strength? Prove something to someone? And if so, to whom? 

I slept ten hours last night and my body is still screaming for rest, while other parts of me are yet not clear as to what happened exactly. Side note, thank you BlackLotus App for clearing my mind with your meditation and breathing exercises. End of side note. I appreciate the comfiness of my home and leaving it for a road trip is always challenging and open to possibilities, no matter where you are. Doing so on the Indian winding, unfinished, unpaved, dusty mountain roads unwillingly catapult you into another level of driving. A surrender kind of exercise whether you like it or not. 

The purpose of this journey was to take the pups to the nearest reputable hospital with the appropriate facilities to get sterilized. Yes, I know some of you may frown upon this procedure, and I get you. I also understand if you don’t want to continue reading. That’s ok. While I don’t wish to justify my actions, I’d like for you to know that they came from a place (a very large one) of love for animals in general and the puppies I adopted in particular. And while I’m at it, I wish to thank the professional and beautiful stuff who took care of them. You can always tell when someone comes from a place of love and compassion, rather than going through the motions. Are you with me on this one? 

I started the trip early in the morning, because I knew that once I left the coziness of the mountains’ altitude the temperature would definitely increase and let me tell you that going from a gentle twenty something degrees celsius to what it felt like thirty-five was NOT a smooth transition. Definitely not for my body, can you imagine for two huskies? If you have met me in person you know I don’t like to sweat, so the closer I was getting to my destination the more I was getting anxious, stressed, as if trapped into a small box, which I kinda was since the car I was in had a plastic roof and no A/C. Dusty, dirty drops of sweat falling down my face, the pups’ tongues out panting, looking for shade. Four times I stopped on to pour cold water on them, the Universe always providing what you need, I ran into several fountains at the side of the road. How awesome is that? 

I didn’t book a hotel or a home-stay or anything else, trusting the Divine to lead the way, but my desperation was getting to the roof as by the end of twelve hours driving, been swayed this way and that, there was nowhere for us to rest. O Lord, this is what I need: a small separate cottage with lots of green, cool air, no street dogs around. Lead me to it, please and so much thank you. Do you believe in miracles? I ask, because if you don’t, here there is one for ya: in the middle of the endless windy, busy, road, when I thought the pups’ heart would jump out of their mouths with the back of my eyes I saw a sign, like a mirage “cottages this way” say what? I followed the directions  and just like that, there it was! My personal oasis, exactly what I asked for only better because there were no other guests. 

As if one miracle wasn’t enough another one took place; because God is great, sees our struggles, protects us, helps us, and shows us the way, if only we trust in the infinite possibilities of Divine grace. I asked for the weather to cool down and make it possible for the operation and recovery to happen in easier conditions. And so it was that rain started falling. A sweet drizzle at first, followed by full on water drops that made everything oh so much easier. 

Coincidences? Luck? Call it what you prefer, how magical is it, though, that we have a direct line with Someone who loves us so much to listen to our prayers no matter our human limitations or better yet, because of them? 

So next time you find yourself in a challenging situation don’t be afraid, instead surrender to the Divine and above all expect miracles because they are indeed possible.

Ask and you shall receive.

Thanks for reading ❤️