I used to laugh it out. I used to rub it off. I used to carelessly comment on it. This was during my careless living style of young years.  Whenever anybody would discuss about astrology in general, I would brush it off considering it an orthodox view. The process of birth -chart reading, gun-milaan, called kundali milaan, teva-milaan, etc. to see the compatibility between two souls for marriage  never attracted my fancy. To me what mattered was just human efforts, doing our best and leaving the rest to that thing called God or whatever.

As one starts to put life to years, I mean starts the walk on a path of improvement, many perspectives change, evolvement happens and wisdom starts to bloom.

Slowly, I read and I listened on this topic – astrology. Sometimes just simple experiences of people around, sometimes knowledge  being spread through TV channels.  Swamiji had also touched upon this in his Memoir – “Truth be told”, released in 2014.  Then  Swamiji  chose to share his knowledge on the topic, although I have not attended his workshop on Astrology.

Well, ours was an arranged marriage, without consulting any astrologer. Nobody from both sides ever gave it any importance.

Until 25 years into marriage, it never ever occurred to me to explore this aspect. Then one day out of fun, on a free website, I tried to see my compatibility with my husband. It came out to be 16 guna match out of 32, I think. This is when I tried to dig a bit deeper.

 I did notice so many major differences in our opinions, different and totally opposite personality traits, even physical traits ( नाड़ी मिलान ) don’t match at all. Our eating habits are also different. Our likes and dislikes are different. Our inner-self, i.e.  spiritual inclinations, emotional and physical needs, also have nothing in common.

Still, we have been together till date, even after 33 years.

I tried to join the dots so as to develop a clear cut perspective which I may confidently put forth.  I wanted to clear my confusions to find if my mind believed in this study, and good news is that I have sorted it out.

Not going into details as to how we have managed to stay together, as it has been a tough journey, still one very strong and important aspect I would love to put across, with full honesty is – with a strong WILL and a sense of commitment the difficult planetary positions can be defeated.

If we could make it, so can anyone else.

My learnings taught me that astrology, as a study, is definitely worth while. The experiences shared by many in one’s social circle in favour of right astrological predictions and other related stuff can’t be nullified. Still, to my mind, WILL POWER and GRACE OF GOD are at a much higher pedestal. Planets, devi-devatas (demi-gods) are just little little ministers around GOD, holding small small portfolios. If a person’s approach reaches directly to GOD, everything else would fall into right place.

To put it in one sentence –

Its always better to put on a helmet while driving. It may give a sense of protection.

Do share your experiences on this.

Jai Shri Hari🌹




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