My story starts this year,April 2021.Ever since I am with my guru Omswami Ji,prabhuji for me.

I had stopped going to astrologers,but life was hitting at me from all corners,job,relationship,finances,

to surgery of my husband.I am working with Thai airways last 30 years,time to retire 2 plus years.

Thai declared bankruptcy,so insecurity being the only earning member.Mind plays dirty all the time.

My surrender to my prabhuji did not move a inch,in fact it was growing more and more,but I landed 

up at a respected Astrolger ,paid 5000 rps,why I went no clue.He told me my RAHU,KETU,and SHANI

all playing up ,and my job will go month end,my son will be roped in a court case.I told him,I have 

a guru ,and he is there watching over me.

But he had done his job,installed fear in me.All I did was pray,meditate,do my Japas,talk to my guru

save me,protect me.And just only by prabhuji grace my job extended for two months,till management 

decides further course of action.people install fear in you,play with your weakness.

STOP  ………don’t tread this path,or go to a good one if you have to.





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