Almost any event can be connected to an astrological correspondence because there are so many possible correspondences. The following paragraph explains specifically how; skip over it unless you know or want to learn about astrology (or unless you enjoy having your eyes glaze over).

Because it’s what I know best, I’ll use Vedic astrology plus some Western techniques. One can look at a chart at any given time, and compare the transits and progressions and dasas and subcharts to the birth chart, and there will ALWAYS be some planet or point (e.g. ascendant, house cusps, Part of Fortune, Gulika and other such derived points) in the transits (and progressions, etc.) that lines up closely (within two degrees or less) with planets or points in the birth chart (or progressed chart, etc.). That’s because there are so very many such planets/points strewn over the 360 degrees of zodiac, which can really be considered to be just 90 degrees in extent since the most important aspects are conjunctions, oppositions and squares. We’re talking about 20–30 or more points in the 90-degrees of the natal chart that need to line up with the same number of points in the transiting or progressed chart: a few things are bound to line up, and it doesn’t really matter what they are because each can mean so many things, based on its inherent indications (e.g. Mars is malefic and acts quickly and is hot etc.), as well as, e.g.: the sign it occupies, the planets occupying or aspecting the sign it occupies, the sign it rules, and the planets occupying or aspecting the sign it rules. Then also apply everything I just said about signs to houses (and don’t forget all the different house systems that will give you different cusps as additional active points). Then apply all of that to subcharts. Don’t forget the planetary periods (dasas and their subdivisions) and the different ways of calculating and applying them (Vimshottari, Kalachakra etc.), and nakshatras and their tenants and rulers, as well as different approaches such as Krishnamurti and Jaimini astrology. In a pinch, you could always try a different ayanamsha.