I kept feeling like my hands felt bare

And a desire arose

Where I took upon an opportunity to gift myself

A Rose Gold Swarovski Ring

As an act of self-love

It became a part of me

And it felt like it was made just for me

On a Friday afternoon, I lost my ring at Work

I was sure about where I removed it

Searching over and over again

But to no avail

My heart sank

Spirituality teaches detachment

And I forced myself to let go of the ring

My bare hand was aware of the absence of a ring

No other ring was EVER okay

Bringing memory of the rose gold swarovski ring

Truth be told, I hadn’t detached

I just couldn’t

No matter how hard I tried

And I couldn’t understand why

For it was a material substance

And almost a year later

The ring was retrieved from that very spot

I couldn’t fathom it

Maybe just maybe that’s the reason why I did not loose hope

It’s not expensive

It’s not got a sentimental value

But it is still priceless

Grateful for its return

For however long the journey may be!

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