DISCOURSE – 1 (March 09, 2021)

04:56 – 07:18 : Invocation of Mother Divine.

07:19 – 10:46 : I offer my obeisance to the divine in you, by whose influence, we all are here. And, I offer my obeisance to all of you! (A member from audience says : Please Swamiji, don’t say like this. Swamiji replies : I shouldn’t say like this? Okay. Except you, I offer my obeisance to everyone!!) (Laughter). So, today marks the beginning of the discourses in the month of March. Today, I thought that on which topic should I speak upon. Then I thought, what is that one topic, on which if I speak, I wouldn’t have to work much, I wouldn’t have to think much. Then, I thought that I will continue with what I was speaking about last week, where all of you weren’t present, and certainly, not those who have joined virtually today. And the topic was “How to attain Siddhi”. One aspect is that which is mentioned in our Scriptures, especially the Yogic Texts. (Swamiji switches on the Air-Conditioner and says “If anyone feels cold, then take the blanket of the nearby person!!”). So, last week, we expounded on this topic of “How a person attains Siddhi”. In our Scriptures, there is a description of various types of Siddhis. For example, Anima (becoming as minute as one pleases), Mahima (becoming as large as one wants to), Laghima (making one’s body as light as feather), Garima (making one’s body as heavy as a mountain), Vishittam (power of taming wild animals and bringing them under control), Prakamya (He can dive into water, and stay in it for as long as he wants), Prapya (power of touching the highest things like the Sun, Moon, Sky) etc. So basically, a person can do whatever he wants to. Also, there is a mention of some Upa-Siddhis (Minor Siddhis) like Doorshravan (clairaudience), Doordarshan (clairvoyance) etc. Basically, attaining that state in the subconscious mind, where you can feel what is going on in other’s mind (or even at the collective level, you can feel that). 

10:47 – 16:02 : As far as reducing/increasing the size of your body, or making it heavy/light is concerned, I don’t believe that such Siddhis of body exist. Because, I don’t want to keep you in dark. These Siddhis are possible for the “Subtle body”, not for the “Physical body”. Once upon a time, I was talking to a person, a gentleman, very well educated. He asked “Do such Siddhis exist which enable a person to pass through the wall, or fly in the air etc?” I answered “No”. Then he remarked “What about what’s written in the books?”. I answered “All of that is false, completely false!”. Then he said “Swamiji, my entire foundation has shaken!! In my entire life, I assumed it to be true. It was the basis of my attraction for Dharma, that Siddhis do exist.” I said to him “This is not just your agony! Most of the youngsters in society, who speak of leaving their homes, who think that what is not attainable in this material world, I can obtain it by walking on the spiritual path. There are very few people who aim at attaining Nirvana like Lord Buddha. Most of the people, who are Sadhaks/Seekers, who are walking on that path, think that they will also fly in the air one day, they will also be able to manifest things/people in front of them etc etc etc. This is the biggest injustice in our Sanatana Dharma, to that person, who is embarking on the path of attaining Siddhis. We have made promises which cannot occur.” Not just this, I also said to him “There is a prize of 1 Million Dollars, I don’t remember the name, to the people who claim to have attained Siddhis, why don’t you exhibit that under lab conditions? They would give you a million dollars.” Now, the people who don’t have Siddhis, and the ones who are fooling society, the first thing which they say is that “Siddhi is a waste. Or, I attained Siddhi, and then abandoned it!”. I once heard a story of Vrindavan, there was devotee who was blind from eyes. And he engaged in devotional service for a lot of time. One day, God appeared and gave that person his eyesight. I was told that this incident is 30-40 years old. That person got immersed in his devotional sentiments, after getting eyesight. Then he said “O Lord, I don’t want that vision of the world, where you don’t exist”. So, he became blind again!! Now, the people who narrated this to me, I said “Look, I was not present there, so it’s difficult to say. But this is also beyond my reasoning that Lord appeared, gave that person his eyesight, then made him blind again!! How can you prove/disprove that this event occurred or not?”. But, the good thing is that “Siddhis exist”. Now, that doesn’t mean that you can fly in the air, with your physical body, for that, pilot course is there!! Siddhis are that, where, in reality, you can change the flow of a river! And by that, I don’t mean that if Mother Ganges is flowing north, then you make her flow southwards. By that, I mean that you can interfere in the Karmic account of a person!

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