When seeds of awareness are watered,
sprouted by the will of concentration,
dreams are replaced with joy

Awareness is the orchestra that plays
when our attention is centered here, 
at this moment, bursting at the seams

Kindness, love, and compassion,
these three are steadfast companions 
of those who live in the moment

The reward of ignoring time,
unswayed by the winds from afar,
brings us closer to who we are

Once we offer enough sustenance,
our potential reaches to the sun,
grown like giant sequoias

By embracing awareness,
we cultivate an entire forest
and rest within the shade of bliss



This journey begins
when we hold in our hands
the universal offering
of emptiness

Bitter murk of the world
settles down in our lungs
where clarity transforms
it to light

Pale light of the altar
is soft on our eyes
that have seen 
the worst side of man

We reclaim the feeling
of joy in our soul
revisiting dreams
of old playgrounds

When a reservoir of love
overflows in our hearts
it will shine  
to the rest of the world