Ayurveda siddhanta says” Swasthasya swasthya rakshanam, aathurasya vikara prashamanam”

Means-Restoring the health of healthy person and treating the diseased.

For all those who requested me to write about Ayurvedic management of common health ailments, here you go-

1.       Headache- General headache in day to day life, such as tension headache or heaviness of head due to sinus issues, can be relieved by application of Rasnadi choorna(mixed with water to make paste) or Kachooradi choorna(mixed with lemon juice/water to make paste) and to be applied on forehead and leave it for an hour and can be washed with warm water. Can be repeated as and when required.

2.       Women having dysmenorrhoea(painful cycles)- Boil 2 litres of water with 1 tsp of roasted jeera, and drink the water the whole day as substitute for normal plain water. Do this remedy for 3 months. Also works for indigestion.

3.       People who have been newly detected with diabetes or prediabetes, can take 2 medium sized tender lady’s finger and to be slit open in the middle and to be soaked in a glass of water over night and next morning, squeeze the vegetable thoroughly in the same water and remove the remnants(need not be strained) and drink the water on empty stomach. Monitor blood sugar levels at home and once sugar levels are normal, one can stop this remedy.

4.       In severe gastritis, where one has burning sensation in the abdomen, can take dhania water daily early morning on empty stomach.. 1-2tsp of dhania seeds(coriander seeds) to be soaked in glass of water over night and next morning to squeeze well and to be strained and consumed on empty stomach. Can be taken until burning sensation subsides. This remedy can also be done for burning micturition

5.       Glass of freshly prepared buttermilk at be boiled with 1/2tsp rice flour, pinch of turmeric, methi seeds, few curry leaves, pinch of saindhava lavana and jeera seeds. Boiling to be done while the stove is on simmer. To stir continuously until the buttermilk begins to boil and then switch off the stove. This is highly nutritious drink that can be taken anytime during the day, which helps with stomach ailments such as bloating abdomen, pain abdomen due to gaseousness.

6.       For low appetite and indigestion issues, boil about 1 litre of water with pinch of dry ginger powder and consume the water whole day until the issue gets better.

7.       For Diarrhoea issues- ½ tsp pomegranate peel powder to be mixed with a cup of freshly prepared buttermilk and to be taken 20mins before food. Can be taken until diarrhoea subsides.

8.       For wounds that do not heal quickly, add 1tbsp of triphala choorna in 1litre water and boil well and let it cool, use this water to wash wounds.. Can be done until the wound heals.

9.       For seasonal cold and cough prepare decoction with 150ml water+ 4-5 tulsi leaves+1/4tsp turmeric+ 1 small country borage borage leaf(called doddapatre in kannada, ajwai patta in hindi)+ lil palm jaggery- can be taken once a day anytime.

10.   Drink a glass of banana stem juice early morning on empty stomach, as a part of your diet, for those suffering from kidney stones.

11.   One who is suffering from insomnia, finds it difficult to fall asleep and those who suffer from migraine headache, can take kheer made of poppy seeds.

12.   For those who suffer from repeated constipation issues, drink boiled and cooled water, instead of normal raw water. Do not eat leafy veggies at night. Take a bowl of ripe papaya every day.