Ayurveda explains manifestation of diseases in 6 stages- called as SHADKRIYA KALA

  1. Sanchaya- Sanchaya means accumulation. The doshas starts getting vitiated and starts accumulating. At this stage disease specific symptoms majorly would not be noted, . Symptoms that often go unnoticed such as changes in appetite and energy levels etc noticed during this phase
  2. Prakopa- Prakopa means aggravation. The doshas aggravate and starts showing dosha specific symptoms such as gastritis, constipation issues, disturbance in sleep etc
  3. Prasara- Prasara means to spread. The aggravated doshas now starts to leave its seat and starts spreading to other places. Symptoms such as  rashes, pain etc
  4. Sthana Samshraya- Sthana is place and samsraya is lodging/accumulating in that place. The aggravated doshas which had started spreading, now finds a suitable place to stay causing symptoms such as, localized inflammation and warmth, Oedema, pain at specific places,Vomiting, changes in vision etc
  5. Vyaktha- Vyaktha means to show up or to present itself. By this stage one can start seeing disease specific symptoms, indicating complete establishment  of the disease. Weakness in the body, bleeding, Headache, Fever, Dysentery etc. Here the vaidya comes up with diagnosis/differential diagnosis, based on the condition
  6. Bheda- Bheda is differentiation. Now the vaidya is able to arrive at sure shot diagnosis because the disease completely manifested itself with its symptoms such as Diabetes, Hypertension,Ulcerative colitis, Tuberculosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Migraine etc also with its complications/secondary symptoms, in Ayurveda we call this as Upadrava..

As explained in my previous series of Ayurveda it is our diet and lifestyle that is the major contributing factor. Other factors include- Accidents, getting exposed to disease causing germs viruses and bacteria’s. In Vata predominant diseases such as Paralysis the symptoms remain avyakta( does not present itself over a period of time) but it happens suddenly. 

This was about part2 of this new series.. See you again in the next post:)

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