Here am back again with new series on Ayurveda..:)

After the last series, how many were able to do their prakriti analysis? I suppose quiet a few:)

This series I’ll write about various topics in Ayurveda{ No am not disclosing the topics now, hahaha;)}

To begin with, we shall see about classical texts of Ayurveda

The referral books for Ayurveda has two broader categories-

  1. Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita and Astanga Sangraha/Hridaya by  Maharishi Vagbhatta- This trio is called Brihatrayi
  2. Madhava Nidana, Bhavaprakasha Nigantu, Sarangadhara Samhita- This trio is called Laghutrayi
  3. There are other samhitas too such as Bhela Samhita, Harita Samhita, Yogaratnakara, Kashyapa Samhita etc

Inbrief- Brihatrayis gives detail explanation on Food aspects, causes and diagnosis of the diseases and their treatments, preparation of medications their dosage and indications, panchakarma therapies, embryology and so on

Laghutrayis- Madhava Nidana exclusively deals on pathogenesis of diseases, Bhavaprakasha also deals with same explanation on food aspects, medicines, anatomy and physiology, seasonal regimens etc and finally Sarangadhara Samhita exclusively deals with preparations of various medications, and purification methods of certain herbs and ingredients to eliminate its toxicity. Herbal decoctions called Kashaya/Kwatha, Choornas(powders), Arista/Asava- Fermented liquid preparations, Gulika- Tablet preparations, Lehyas- Medicated Jam/paste, Tailam- Medicated Oils, Ghritam- Medicated Ghee and many more. These days pharmaceuticals have also come up with capsules. 

Kashyapa samhita deals with pediatrics, the diseases that are seen in children, their causes and treatments

Minerals, gemstones and also metals are used in Ayurveda medicine preparation, called as Rasoushadis.. Rasoushadis is more commonly used by North Indian Ayurvedacharyas compared to South. Here in south we majorly rely on herbal preparations unless the condition needs rasoushadis for quicker results.

The books that exclusively deals with non herbal preparations are Rasaratna sammuchaya, Rasatarangini etc

The branch that deals with preparations of these medications is called Bhaishajyakalpana and Rasashastra

This is all for today.. More to come in the next post:)

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