This is my first post for my family members. After reading many posts, I cant stop myself from writing.

My pranaam to my Merciful Mother Divine¬† ūüĎł¬† and My Gurudev OM SWAMI¬† ūüôá‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹūüôŹ

From childhood to till 11th standrad ,I was just like other children who just meaninglessly enjoy their life¬† ¬†( Just love to play games, listen songs, offcourse little bit of study so that my parents wouldn’t scold me..ūüėĀ)

When I was in 6th class my father got me admitted in¬† CYGNUS HIGH WORLD SCHOOL with my sister that was located out of town. Few boys in our school used to bully me and others in school bus.¬† I never liked abusing or bullying anyone as I m a very peace loving person¬† ¬† .¬† I felt¬† very helpless as they would threaten me¬† ” see u in Bus” and if I would silent it might impact on my small sister Riya.¬† I use to hate school . I silently cried And thought why am I soo sensitive? Why I Feel bad When I say harsh words to anyone? After 3 years I changed the School and I was very happy.

When I was at my tuition classes of Accountancy My Sir asked me ” How much marks Do u expect in your 12th Board exam”, I jokingly said 90 %ūüėÖ.It was very big Number for me as I was¬† average student and had scored only 63 % in 11th. One day My Nani G advised me to visit temple daily before school. I followed her advise and started¬† going to temple and expressed my gratitude for everything I had .¬† I started studying more than 10-12 hours continuously and i managed to score 90.2 %. It is unbelievable cause I m not a studious person but with god’s grace I started to enjoy my studies¬†

After my 12th I joined in Coaching centre in chandigarh for CA FOUNDATION . My Father had paid all the expense of tuition and¬† rent of PG. Sadly I couldn’t understand anything taught in¬† Class, I decided to go back home as Whatever the teacher was teaching it was going over my head. I came back to home all sad feeling hopeless and couldn’t get the refund of PG AND CLASSES ,I felt bad for my father but papa comforted me. Papa said to me¬† nothing is more important than You. After few days later, I decided to try again , but now with online classes. I Cleared it with flying colors as they covered everything from basics I was very happy.

 One day I came across  Bhagwat Geeta. As I was reading I felt magical and immense love for the divine.  After completing the geeta considered to be  monologue of lord himself, I started reading and exploring spirituality through books and YouTube videos. I was feeling desperate to know more and more about God. I stared listening bhajans and meditating too , I was changing. 

One day as I was scrolling YouTube¬† I got¬† Swamiji’s Video in my suggestions.¬† I had¬† listened¬† to Many spiritual masters but whatever swamiji was saying it was quite practical and true I got hooked. One day I listened his video on Ravana where he was talking about lord Vishnu¬† (vishnu ji bhi bhaut vaibhav vilas me rehte the) I ignorant thought why he is saying like this felt kinda fictitious as I didn’t experience the grace of God until I saw Swamiji and beautiful shri hari¬† (LEKIN JESE SATYA AGAR KADWA BHI HO SATYA SATYA HOTA HAI USI PERKAR ME APNE AAP KO NHI ROK PAYA SWAMIJI KI GYAN BHARI VANI KO SUNNE SE).¬†

My love for MOTHER DIVINE was gradually increasing. I loved to sing  Mahishasurmardini stotram twice a day,  I felt immense love for her and sometimes I cried too.  I wanted to buy the asthdhatu vigrah of Radha rani  so that I could adorn her with all my love , sadly it was kinda costly  .I also  had this ardent desire to go and meet swamiji .

one day I saw  number of Meera om ji ( very helpful and nice person  ) in comment section , I messaged her and told her everything about my love for mother divine and swamiji . She told me the teaching of swamiji and said right now focus on your exam then we both will go  meet swami ji personally .

My parents are skeptical about spiritual Gurus¬† (I am not disrespecting them but they are valid too you know how people misuse trust in the name of god ) so getting money¬† for visiting Ashram from them was not an option. By Divine’s grace somehow I managed to get money and I Booked the ashram for 2 days stay. Someone who is meant to be in your life will always find a way back to you anyhow and someone not meant for you will never find a way anyways. So here I was infront of my beautiful swami ……….

To be continued . ūüĆľ