Little kids can be brutally honest ,just not to embarrass a parent but also make a guest do retrospection! Under five years of age any kid speaks the most random ,truthful or even embarrassing facts in front of strangers, relatives or freinds making position of a Parent very uneasy! Once when my daughter was 3, we went to her playschool mates party ,after the party was over since we had her Swiming and skating class and as a discipline we never let her miss that ,so i ensured she ate dinner before we went to gift her play mate a present! The parents of the child were embarrassed that all party food had finished when we reached and put a sorry face ,to which i explained..dont worry ,we had our dinner and r not hungry atall , they just nodded but later to witness my little one eat 23 small rasgulleees lieing on the center table! She went ate a rasgulli smiled, sat and went for another, since i had claimed her tummy is full ,i saw her in amazement and embarrassed! To which our hosts said ,eat baby eat! On one more similar incedent at 3.5 years, a massage lady who usually had her lunch each day after giving a massage in afternoon to us was waiting for me to cook for her! I was too lazy to cook that day and told her today our lunch is at my parents place ,so we’ll leave soon ,to my daughter i had told before massage lady had we ll order Dosa but eat it without telling Preeti aunty( massage lady) ! My daughter came dancing and singing to her Hum tto nahi btaaenge,hum to dosa khaenge! My ears were red and hot with embarrassment and i saw my daughter with staring eyes! Another occasion i remember is when my daughter was 4 and my husband’s mausi had come from Meerut to meet us ,i said u know how much my baby remembers u! At this my daughter brutally said ,..mummy when do i remember Guddi Dadi? Why r u lie ing…i felt the dharti should open and i should jump in it! I do remember my daughter asking in front of her father s sister who had come for dinner…mummy do you wash your hands before cooking? I never saw you! It was so embarrassing ! Last but not the least after we came back from my parents house my chirpy brutally honest 5 year old told in front of my mother in law…should i tell Dadi what you talked about her to Nani. .
I just reminded myself if i had some chuglee session and her Dadee said ,yes yes tell me she winked her eye to me and said Dadee mummy told nani you wash clothes with Rin! Jaan mei jaan aee…Have you ever been in such an embarrassing position with your kids or have you embarrassed your parents ever?