A recent incident that instilled the idea that ‘Eventually, Everything will be alright!’

My sister-in-law delivered a baby girl recently. So on my official trip to Bangalore, I wanted to get pastries from her favourite baking place. The trip turned out smoothly and I completed every work I intended to complete a day earlier than I had planned. So I booked a flight early to surprise my daughter and wanted to give the pastries to my sister-in-law while they were still fresh.

While packing, I noticed luggage weight might exceed the maximum limit, and my hand luggage had too many desert boxes, more than the comfortable carrying limit. The pastries in the suitcase would go through rough cargo handling, ending up crushed in the process. I just wanted them to be delivered the way I bought them!

I reached the airport with this paranoia at 3.45 am and witnessed the heavily crowded airport. My flight was at 5.15 a.m. So I thought I had plenty of time left to check-in my luggage. But the long line at the Air Asia counter moving slowly made me realise I might miss my flight. I requested a passenger to hold my place and had a word with airline security about my state. She was kind enough to escort me to the front of the line. I felt so relieved, but it was a short-lived one. 

When it was my turn to check-in, they closed the counter! Fifteen minutes before the flight, I went through the security check. When I reached the airline boarding entrance with all these pieces of luggage, they said they had closed the cargo. They suggested that I would have to carry the luggage throughout the journey if there was no space, or else they would allocate a space if the flight weren’t full. Looking at the crowd, I made up my mind that I would have to carry the luggage. The frustrating thought of keeping the big suitcase on my lap for an hour-long journey in a tight space made me annoyed.

On top of that, the stairs looked endless and having to carry a big suitcase taller than my 8-year-old self made me even more annoyed. I just controlled my emotions and politely requested that security help me carry the luggage up those stairs to the aircraft. He agreed and helped me reach my seat, and he even found a carrier space to keep my check-in luggage. I thanked him and sat down, feeling relieved. 

Then suddenly, I realized, “All I wanted was to get the pastries undamaged to my sister-in-law and get home early to surprise my daughter. Under all this chaos, I missed the fact God has been brilliant in his plan to make it happen by doing unusual things beyond my ability”.

Not only were the pastries in shape, but I was able to reach home earlier because I didn’t have to wait at the baggage counter! All ended well in the end!

It might be uncomfortable, and it might look like everything is falling apart, but trust his plan; he is brilliant, and his ability is beyond our imagination. 

Eventually, Everything will be alright!

– Dr. Aathira OM

PS: Thanks, my dearest Akhalya OM the editor in the making!