Yesterday, I saw a picture of rama-darbaar somewhere in the internet and suddenly, this mind started contemplating on Hanumanji’s Leela of swallowing Sun when they were a kid. What is the meaning behind this divine Leela ?Lord, please reveal it to me. In the evening a thought came forth in the mind’s lake. 

In no way, I am trying to say that this is the real intent behind the Leela as this puny intellect can never comprehend this sacred leelas but I am just sharing that was revealed to me and gave me immense happiness. Surya, is the presiding deity of sight, the vision that let us see the world outside of objects, as well as the inner world of emotions and thoughts. Lord Hanuman, Vayu-putra, the power of Life-force control, once awakened within us help us withdraw our consciousness from this outer world and its impressions perceived by sense of sight. The world and its various impressions no more agitates us and mind turn inwards naturally devoted to the divine within us. 

The below bhajan is an attempt to glorify Lord Hanuman so that we all can seek his blessings to reach the lotus feet of Supreme, one universal Consciousness that is pervaded everywhere.


Bhajan Lyrics:

Bajaranga Bali, Bajaranga Bali,

Raghunatha ke Daasa,

Kapeesh mahi;

(Salutations to the Lord Hanuman, who is the servant of Supreme Lord Rama,

Salutations to the Lord Hanuman, who is the lord of the monkey mind we all possess;)


Tum praanon ke sanrakshak ho,

Mann Buddhi tumhi se sthira hoye,

Shreerama ke kar kamalon se bahe,

Antarman Jisse shuddha hoye;

( You are the one who provide protection and alignment to the life force, that help us still our thoughts and emotions;

  You are the one who help the divine to descent so that our inner instrument gets purified;)


Bajaranga Bali, Bajaranga Bali,

Sugriva Sachiva,

Marut mahi;

( Salutations to Lord Hanuman, the counsellor of right thinking ;

You alone are the Lord and controller of maruts, the mighty power

who can destroy old and vicious thought pattern and create new thoughts leading to divine;)


Tum pavanputra, tum ramabhakta,

Tum chiranjeeva, tum manojaya,

Tum lokapriya, tum mahaveera,

Tum kabalikruta, tum dheeramahi;

( You are the master of life force, You are the one devoted to Supreme Lord, 

 You as a life force will live until dissolution of universe, You are the one who can help us control flow of thoughts,

You are the one who is loved by all in three worlds, You are the mighty one,

You are the one who swallowed Sun, the vision of outer world and its impression , You are the one who bestows patience and faith to the devotee;)


Bajaranga Bali, Bajaranga Bali,

Anjana ke putra, Shoor mahi;

(Salutation to Lord Hanuman,

 who is the son of Anjana(the divine energy coming from the palace of Brihaspati who is the preceptor of spiritual knowledge ),

 Salutations to Lord Hanuman, The most courageous one)


Jai Shree Hari🙏🙏🙏





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