I have always wondered about what is the best way to approach life,  while juggling between over-indulgence to none frequently..

I personally feel that by being mindful and meditative, we realise that the best approach for most of the issues of life is the Path of Balance…

And I feel that’s why Buddha emphasized on following the Middle Path among his followers…

Have you noticed that whenever  a debate is conducted; on most matters both of the speakers are correct on certain points only, and the rest of the points which are not so right are covered up by their superior convincing and communication skills! 

Many a times when I indulge too much in entertainment, I feel more lazy and disoriented, but when I do none, I feel restless..

Pundits have often remarked over the enormity of issues in both the extreme Eastern societies(eg India) where individuality is not given much value, and the extreme Western societies , where many a times even the safety of people is comprised in order to give individuals power (eg: the start of the Gun problem in USA)..  

Both, the Western and the Eastern Man are incomplete, and I fervently hope that a Balanced approach bridges the gap between the two! 

Meditation , I believe, helps to see the Truth as it is and pick up the right points from everywhere so that we are no longer the participants in the orchestrated, opinionated debates, rather we are just silent witnesses (‘Sakshis’). 

I’m sure the people of this community must have heard about the Japanese term ‘Ikigai’, meaning reason/purpose of living…

Even the Venn diagrams that help us to find out our Ikigai essentially calculates the intersection between multiple factors like salary, what we love to do, our talents, as well as what the world currently needs! This ‘intersection‘ is another form of finding a balance I feel …

Balance , the path to success? 2

( On a lighter note, my Ikigai turned out to be the job of an arbitrator, mediator/conciliator 🙂 )

Do you all feel the same? Do let me know!

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