When Aloo is our Bhaiya ,bread our Mausi then how can we forget our Chachooo? Banana Chacha the sooper food ! Filled with nutrition ,golden as morning sun ,sweet as honey ,Reasonable as old century and friend of Apple ,mango and Grapes our Kelooo Chachaa. Wether its satya narayan prsaad of Kassar ,or most stylish Banofe pie ,Wether its Africa s Cassava or Assam s fish dish of Karbis our Banana chachoo is jaan of all. Its any toothless babies first food in mashed form or a toddlers finger food in sliced form ,its a growing sports child s calcium rich milk companion to a teenager s mid meal snack ,its a diarohhea patients pill and acidity patients soothing dose..
Bannu Chaachoo is amazing! Wether fried in South india as chips for train travel or put in Ba nana muffins by Disouza of Goa, my kela Chacha rocks! Weather in custard ,fruit cream or fruit chaat, i fish only bananas ! Banana bread and banana smoothie are a Vegan s delight aswell a gluten intolerant s respite! Banana pancakes, banana mousse or kache kele ke pakke pakkore ,Kelaa chaachaa aate daure daure! Appam s taste yum with jaggery ,rice flour and Kela chacha s dumm!Banana samosa ,banana sheera ,bananaupside down cake ..u r so versatile oh Kela chaachoo! Banana ice cream ,banana pie ,banana French toast ,Banana tofee,Banana brownie u enhance taste of all! Wether its blue banana from Java or his red cousin from west indies ,Wether its lady finger Australian banana or Dwarf banana of Philippines oh my Chachoo you are loved by all!

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