Uptill now, we have learnt that Self/Atman is covered/ concealed by three bodies, I.e gross, subtle and causal.   In extreme cold season, you wear more number of cloths. Inner, usual clothes and then sweater or jacket over it and are very well aware that you are separate from those cloths/coverings. You know they are just the conditionings, your making…which are hiding your body. You can be free from them anytime. If these clothes are torn you don’t say ‘I am torn.’ because you are aware that ‘ these are my clothes but not me’
You can apply same logic, in different situations.   You are the owner of a house or a car. If house get wet by the rain, you don’t say I am wet. If car gets damaged, you don’t assume yourself damaged….got it?? Because  in these cases, you are sure about your separateness from the house or a car. All the things we have are known as ‘ mine’ which are other than ‘me’.   Thus you never doubt about difference/separateness  between you and your possessions.
Now be attentive– Self/Atman is covered by three bodies. The Self/Atman is separate from these coverings/ bodies. Atman doesn’t get affected by any happenings or changes of the bodies.    But  our observation is, we as a jiva, identify with these coverings, the body so much  that we consider ourself  as the body,….gets  bound,  too much attached and that’s why get affected by its changes and therefore, suffer….. Logic behind the fact that I am not the body but the Atman/Self is simple. But our mind is so complicated and the habits of the past so strong that one does not see the Truth.
Why do we commit this mistake of considering ourself as the body and not the Atman/Self despite the simple logic ?? Because, # The Atman/Self is inconceivable. It stands well covered by the three types of bodies ( five sheaths) # These three bodies/ five sheaths are always in proximity of the Self which makes identification with them easier. (We can easily remove and throw our cloths and that’s why don’t identify with them as separateness between body and the cloths is very much clear and distinct)
But nothing is impossible.  Through continuous and sincere learning of the scriptures;  you can develop the habit of discrimination. And with firm resolve you can uncover the Self and get liberated from the shackles of body mind complex to be happy forever……to be happiness Itself. Now listen- These three bodies ( Gross, subtle, causal) are nothing but the five sheaths/ koshas.

Gross body ( स्थूल शरीर/अन्नमयकोश)

Subtle body( सूक्ष्म शरीर) has 3 components            

             प्राणमयकोश/vital air sheath.                   

             मनोमयकोश/Mental sheath                 

             विज्ञानमयकोश/Intellectual sheath

Causal body( कारणशरीर/ आनन्दमयकोश)

Thus we can say now that Self is covered by five sheaths/koshas….Got it?
Just watch the diagramatic representation of an Individual jiva-

Atman/Self is the enlivening principle/sentient /चेतन. Five koshas are insentient/जड. Without Self/ Atman (चेतन), five koshas are dead matter and cannot function.   Just like a beautiful bulb gets illuminated by the electricity.  Without electricity, bulb is mere useless matter. You can simulate different types of individuals/Jiva,  with different types of bulbs, tubes, series with varieties of shapes and colors. But only electricity can illumine them. In the same way, all the individuals are enlivened/ animated by the Self/Atman.
Now the most important point to understand is- Although the Self is separate from the five sheaths, It pervades all of them. Just imagine a small piece of sponge dipped in the water. Water is different from the sponge but water has pervaded the sponge. Sponge is full of water inside as well as outside.

You must have enjoyed  the Gulabjamun. Gulabjamun and the sugar syrup are different.  But sugar syrup pervades the jamun. Jamun has sugar syrup inside as well as outside and  that’s why sweet. Got it?? ( Hindi/ Marathi/ Sanskrit synonym for    “To pervade”  is “Vyapt/व्याप्त”

Thus you can easily understand the separateness between man and his cloths. But it can not be easily seen in sugar syrup /gulab jamun, and water / sponge analogy. Thus pervasiveness is subtle. Self pervads the panchkoshas enlivening them. But because of the ignorance of this knowledge, we consider these sheaths  as living , not knowing the hidden subtle Atman the enlivening principle.

So now it must be very clear to you that, You are the the Self/ Atman the enlivening principle the only chaitanya for your five sheaths which are inert insentient mattar/जड. Car can not move itself. It is you who drive it  but common notions are- ‘ car is going, car is coming,  that car goes faster than this car. You have been given this body as a vehicle for the journey to know your Self. Although it is very difficult to accept it, with continuous discrimination you will accept it at ease.

We will learn about panchkoshas, in next part.
Hari Om!