Last week my Guruji wrote ‘The Six Stages of Awakening’. That one-page blog was studded with gems of Bhakti, karma, Jnana and Raj yoga. Starting from Discomfort to Deliverance, the changes every true devotee goes through, making these magnificent magical gems stronger within. In the past, I watched a video of Muratova’s journey of her awakening and the realization hit me like a lightning in the dark. Everything became so bright and clear around me.

It was my “Aha!” moment, but felt more like, “oh! I knew that! Why didn’t I remember or realize it before?”

I thought about when I will get my “Aha!” moment feeling, I will be a different, new person with all that good stuff and halo around me. Hahah! Forget about the halo, I didn’t even see rainbows in the sky or unicorns flying in the air or flowers blooming in the desert.

The truth is, when you know what you already knew but wasn’t aware of the existence of that knowledge, after knowing, the meaning of life becomes clear, easy and beautiful. That’s it! Everyone, I mean everyone will go through this. If you are born on this planet, our mother earth, you will be awakened and will get enlightened eventually. It could be now, or tomorrow or may take thousands of life times or more but you will eventually.

You may think, how would I know if I am awakened?

I am going to use simple understandable metaphors, so I can express what it was for me. Please don’t take metaphors literally or don’t try to analyze them deeply and get stuck. These are just basic outlines. Try to feel and know the truth. Always hold on to Trust, Faith and Surrender.

1. Advaita Vedanta examples: I see that I am the 10th person, or understood that, the rope is not a snake. Or now, I see I am not the pot, pot doesn’t exist, I am only the clay.

2. Life on mother earth is just like an act on a stage and we all are participating. Remember the dialog of Rajesh Khanna from the movie Anand? “Hum sab toh rangmanch ki kathputhliyan hain…. hahahahah”.
(We all are puppets on this stage of life)

Well, we are not exactly kathputhliyan (puppets) but we are on a rangmanch (stage), metaphorically. My existence here is to play my character, and enjoy the essence of life and offer my true bliss, love everyone and everything. Again, the emphasis is on Trust, Faith and Surrender.

Here, on mother earth, there is no sorrow or sadness, there is no suffering, there is nothing negative. There is no hate or pain. It is a part of the act where we create these emotions. This is our doing.

Always remember, I am just my character. What I see (my gross and causal body) is not me; it is my character here on this planet. I got this gross body to survive here in this duality world. It is more like a costume I am wearing on a stage. The body may feel pain and discomfort. My mind (causal body) will be sad and miserable sometimes. My thoughts may feel negative. But they are not me. I am not this body, mind or intellect.

I am loved by The Divine and everyone around me. There is pure bliss. I am pure bliss. I am the light of the starry sky, I am the flow of the river, I am the vast ocean. I am that one twinkling star in the sky, and I am the whole universe and the universe is me. I am complete. I am all that, and they all are me. My world exists in the pure bliss within me. There is so much peace and happiness here. I surrender to The Divine and all I see and feel and know is LOVE.

This mind cries in pain but I am never hurt. These thoughts are funny or sad, but I am calm. I am never angry, sad or happy. I am just a beautiful love. There is nothing else than love. Life is not a battle; life is a blessing. I am fully content and in blissed. I am fearless. I had forgotten my true existence before, but now I know.

Once my Guruji said “The world you see externally is merely a projection of the world within you.”

I understood the meaning then, but was having a hard time experiencing it. Trust, Faith and Surrender gives you that “Aha!” feeling. Then it became very clear, I could feel it, experience it and now I live it. Every word of Guruji, is the Truth and nothing but the truth. Once you start living that truth, everything is gloriously divine and beautiful. You, me and everyone is pure bliss. Our main core is pure love.

Why am I here on this planet if I am pure bliss?

Per my understanding, the reason we are here is to experience, express and spread love, the pure bliss. Also, to enjoy beautiful mother Earth. We can use our five senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch) to be one with Nature.

Yes, it is a bit challenging to be stuck in the Gross Body, Duality and the veil of the Maya around us, but that makes it more interesting as well. This is a beautiful journey my friend, live it, spread the love, be loved.

What is this love I am talking about? Let’s call it Puppy love!

When you see a cuddly, fluffy golden retriever puppy (let’s assume that it’s a male puppy) do you feel love? If the answer is no, that’s ok. You can imagine something you adore and love the most in your life.

If the answer is yes, perfect! Now, hold on to that love. You love that little puppy, you accept that bundle of joy, you welcome his existence in your life for that present moment. You are kind to him. You have so much compassion for him, if he howls in sadness, you hug him and comfort him.

Now, hold on to that same love, just shift your focus to that one skinny sick dog on the street who looks like a skeleton, who has lost his hair, he has all those wounds on his body from where the puss is oozing. He can’t howl because he is so weak and has no strength to lift his head. Can you offer your love, kindness, compassion to that dog just like you would to the fluffy cute puppy? Can you bend down and hug that dog? Can you lift him in your arms and feed him food and water? Can you talk to that dog softly and gently kiss him and cuddle him?

Forget about that sick dog on the street, can you offer your puppy love to that homeless girl begging on the street? I am talking about the love, that Baba Amte had for his extended family.

It’s ok if you can’t do all these things, baby steps are important and essential. Here is a simple thing we can try. If we can simply love everything around us from all our heart, the world would be so beautiful. Just look at the tree (don’t worry about the type of the tree), admire the leaves and branches. Pay attention to their graceful and gentle move with the wind. The bees around flowers, notice their dance. On the floor, notice those red and blank ants running in one line. How cute are they? Say hello to the tree, bees and those ants. Thank them for being there, tell them you love them.

Look at that person, whom you never liked before, just give that person a smile. Ask, how are they doing? Smile at the stranger on the street, spread your love, the more you spread your blissful love, the more love will grow in your heart. Make your existence full of love. The more you give, the more blissful you will feel. You will reach your core existence. Your true nature. You will realize you are the SATCHIDANANDA! Ever Pure Bliss!! Go get that “Aha! Moment. You deserve all the love in the world.

ॐ पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदं पूर्णात्पूर्णमुदच्यते ।
पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते ॥