It has always been my endeavour and wish to lead a meaningful life and doing something worthwhile! Hence, to improve myself on numerous fronts, and to learn skills and methods, I read books, blogposts, listen to various talks on YouTubes and so on. At various stages in my life, I kept on preparing a number of principles, inspired by what I read and listen! I took resolutions after resolutions to follow them rigorously! But, I always  felt too much pressurised by keeping track of these so-called principles. My mind easily convinced me to quit, even if I made some slight mistake in obeying them! This inavariably resulted in frustration and unhappiness! Hence, I was looking for just one key principle, which could really change the game for me (actually to my agitated and scheming mind!)! And, make me move on the path of self-transformation quickly and surely! Finally, and fortunately, I zeroed into one!
To my limited understanding or perspective, Ramana Maharishi’s life was centered around the key query, ‘Who am I?’, my Guru Om Swamiji Maharaj’s life is primarily centred around ‘Truthfulness’, Srila Prabhupada’s life revolved around ‘Hare Krishna Mahamantra’! All great men had one key non-negotiable principle! But, I am an ultra-ordinary person. So, I was looking for a very-very simple principle which I could dare to follow! Around this, I would like to spend the rest of my life! And, I discovered that key principle, in my Guru Om Swamiji Maharaj’s discourse: ‘Essence of Spiritual Wealth’!

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The principle is:  ‘Be dependable!’. What does it mean? In Swamiji’s words:

If you are dependable, you will honour your commitments you make to others and to yourself! If you say, ’I am going to exercise 30 minutes every day’; if you are truly dependable, you will. Otherwise, you will give up…..Being dependable is to do what you say, you will do. Being dependable is to mean what you say and to do what you mean!’ That’s what dependability in a nutshell!

Now, how to follow this principle? Our tendencies of the mind are so powerful that we need to keep on reminding ourselves hundreds or thousands of times! I find that, the best way is to maintain a log-book. It may be a word-document on your laptop or a simple note-book exclusively kept for this purpose. You should note down on daily basis, what promise(s) or commitment(s) you have made to yourself and  to others in two different tables. And then, simply honour it! A sample table, purely for illustration purpose, is shown below, to give you an idea, which I made for myself!  

It is essential that one should not overburden oneself with too many goals. Please keep the list limited and doable. And never commit, what is not feasible and useful. Break a task into many pieces if needed. Take up few commitments, but once taken simply do it, come what may! In fact, the significance of this principle is beautifully displayed in a Sanskrit Subhashit! This  I have learnt very recently in an ongoing one-year Sanskrit certification course, which I am attending for almost a month now. Here it is:

सद्भिस्तु लीलया प्रोक्तं शिलालिखितमक्षरम् ||

असद्भिः शपथेनोक्तं  जले   लिखितमक्षरम्  |।

 The commitments made by the upright and truthful person even casually are like the words engraved on a slab of stone (permanent) and are duly honored by them. On the other hand  commitments made by persons of evil temperament even under oath are just like words written on the surface of the water ( which disappear immediately).