Conversation between guru ji and disciple:

Guru ji: What is it in this world, that belongs to you?

Disciple: Well, I have a caring husband and two children. We own a beautiful house and a business. They all belong to me. 

Guru ji: But they don’t really belong to you. Today you have them all and tomorrow they could be gone. Think again.

(After a minute or two) 

Disciple: This body? My body belongs to me right?

Guru ji: Your body also doesn’t belong to you. Once you die, it is either burnt or burried. Think! What is it that truly belongs to you?

Disciple: Ohh….ok now I get it. My soul, my atma belongs to mee?

Guru ji: Your atma is also not yours, it belongs to the paramatma. Everything merges back to the supreme consciousness. 

Disciple (in shock) : Then is there nothing that belongs to me? Why am I even born? What is the purpose of living this life, if I don’t own anything? 

Guru ji (smiles) : Well, this very moment of the life you are living is yours. It is the only thing that belongs to you. Instead of always pondering over your past or your future, learn to live in the present. You own it. It is called “present” for a reason, it is a gift, utlize it.          Be here Now! 

Thankyou. 🙏

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