Imagine if someone comes upto you and says, “Do you know you are more beautiful than Aishwarya..”, you go a little further and someone says, “ Do you know you are more human than Salman..” Your immediate answer will be , “Have you gone bonkers, go get your eyes checked up… you are crazy”
Many a times we encounter such conversations and we laugh it off as a joke, but it’s time to stop for a moment and think again… Let’s say we line you up amongst the most prettiest women in the world ….you may differ in height, weight, looks, intelligence, wealth and grace but inwardly we are all the same… I mean we breathe the same air, have the same blood running in our veins, have the same number of hands, fingers etc then why do you feel inferior to them…just because they are celebrities, have fame, money, live in palatial houses and have dozens of cars and bodyguards…
All this is no reason to feel small and demeaned or shamed…never ever underestimate yourself and your worth… If they are diamonds , so are you.. if they are pretty so are you, if they are precious so are you… there is absolutely no difference between you and them internally so why feel small always think and believe you are one step ahead of them and not behind.

In the end all that matter is that we are all God’s children and are blessed by the same God who resides in all of us.. We all have special qualities and we are all gems the worth of which the world maynot realize but you should begin to realize and appreciate and love yourself.
God has given us the most beautiful gift that is “Life” and its upto us how we celebrate it either by feeling low and sad and comparing our lives with the rich and beautiful and envying them or but standing straight with our heads held up and high and saying” Hey I am beautiful, I am precious and I am Human.
So from today the first thing you are gonna do every morning is look into the mirror, smile and say” I am gorgeous” and see the difference in the quality of your life. Be grateful, be humble and thankful … rest will follow

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