Being Mindful While Typing 

Whenever I write a post here I tend to think over it a lot of times before publishing it. What is my reason behind this? Well when I joined the sole reason was to read Om Swami JI post only. When our dearest OM Swami JI was so compassionate and kind to open up this platform for all the members to write their post if they wished to do so, I immediately knew that a tremendous amount of responsibilities were on my shoulders if I were to write.

Because this website is very precious to me and I wouldn’t want to accidently type something which I didn’t mean to type and that leading to some issues. Not that such a thing has ever happened to me, but what I value and extremely love I will always safe guard it. 

My boss always tells me to write an email instead of calling our clients because by doing so one can take sometime to process what one is writing and to be one’s own judge. By self reflecting and by imagining  for few minutes of being the receiving party receiving the email one will know how they might take it. 

My father has always told me that before you write anything, think before you submit it and therefore by doing so, you won’t make any mistake and nor will you have any regrets. 

I hope people don’t feel offended after reading this. I just am sharing my personal views that’s all. 

Hope everyone is safe and well. Hopefully this pandemic will come to an end soon. 🙂