It was morning now.My mother came and said: Daughter,he has died.

I cried and screamed.But I felt somebody telling me in my ears:If you cry,I won’t be happy.

I felt a fear and stopped crying as if he hadn’t died.I remembered,that’my Beloved’s beloved will come ‘. Again I remembered, that’ He will come if I recite’WAHEGURU…. WAHEGURU’ day and night.

So,I was quiet and I started reciting,’WAHEGURU…. WAHEGURU”.

My heart throbbed,my hand went for the arrow,but then I remembered the words of my beloved and used to call my Beloved’s beloved by reciting”WAHEGURU… WAHEGURU”.

In this way,in sadness and suffering and in eagerness to obey him,and with a burning heart,the body of my beloved was cremated.

At that moment,we could not know from which place and state he had come,why he had come,and who were the blessed parents whose son he was.

My mother and father had a lot of apprehension that our daughter might die in extreme sadness of the death of her beloved.They were astonished to see my forbearance and we’re happy.

Days passed by,but my playing,my merriments never returned.My mind did not go for them.My dad tried his best but to no avail.I did not cry but the merriments in my parents palace stopped.

My parents did not tell me anything,fearing that I may feel hurt.

Sometimes I used to laugh and embrace my dad,or go and sit in my mother’s lap,but the pleasures,thrills and merriments became dreams of the past.My eyes,all the time,saw the face of my beloved and my tongue was reciting “WAHEGURU… WAHEGURU”and I was calling his beloved and I was always hoping that my Beloved’s beloved would come.

I didn’t like to stay indoors in the palace.I asked my father to construct a room where I could go and feel better.My father was happy that I will feel nice’.

He said : Wherever you want it shall be done.

I didn’t require much searching. Where the beloved had sat in meditation,and his blood was shed,I selected that place.My father wanted to construct a big room but I declined.I said,just repair the existing fallen structure and make it new.So the needful was done.Now, this was my mini-hermitage.A few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening,I was coming here and reciting”WAHEGURU… WAHEGURU”.

To be continued…

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