While sleeping there was a flash,and in that flash I saw a very fair lady.There was a shine and splendor on her face.Her eyes were full of love.

She said:O, traveller,greedy for your own comfort,Lord has given you a place to rest.What respect have you shown to the Lord?You have not even said your daily prayer.You were in a hurry to go to sleep.You have not even thanked the lord.Without thankfulness,man cannot be considered well mannered.In today’s difficulty and despair,and in the hope of getting a place to rest, you got so much absorbed in the feeling of relief, that you forgot to recite Rehraas (evening prayer )and Sohila( prayer just before sleep …is the daily prayer of sikhs and is part of Nitnem ).It appears you just want to add some spiritual knowledge to your mind.You are not eager to reach the Lord.When,one is on the path of love,one should not have a false devotion.

I replied :You are right.It is true my devotion to the Lord is for greed only.But,I am of the Lord. He is my master.He is the saviour.I have faith in his being a bestowal of forgiveness.

In this thinking,I really felt repentant and sorry,and I felt,I was good for nothing.

At this moment,there was a divine music from the sky,and the singing of divine hymns.I had never heard such melodious, sweet, loving and pleasure giving song earlier.After that it was Rehraas and Aarti .Who were reciting and where were they sitting , I could not see.It appeared,as if the breeze had a tongue.

A few moments later, again the fairy like lady appeared.

I said:Can I know what monument is this?

The fairy like lady replied: Gentleman,this is a monument of the times of Gautam Buddha.Here a disciple of Buddha used to sit and meditate.It is not long enough .He did not want to be lazy and sleeping.Many other people also meditated here to control their mind.

With times, Buddhism vanished from India.When the Mohammadan rulers invaded India,they destroyed these structures.This structure was also lying as rubble when some good hands repaired it,put some new bricks and mortar,and gave life to this monument again.

Well, after knowing all this,are you satisfied or as a human inclination,after knowing something,one becomes eager to know more and more.

I said: Speaking the truth,I really want to know, with what idea this structure was rebuilt,and what is your share in rebuilding.

The Lady,who was fairer than a fairy,and full of love,laughingly said:O, Traveller,man is very eager to know everything.Man fills his mind with all the knowledge,but he does not act on the knowledge that he has gained otherwise he could become what he has known.

O, traveller, for your sake,I shall narrate the story to you.Listen and understand.This is a long story and has deep meaning.If you listen to it with amazement,then you will not understand much, but if you listen with devotion and attention, then you can understand what transpired here,and what you can gain from it.

This is my life story.I narrate it for you :I was born in a king’s family.My father was the king of this state. He was very strong headed and controlled all the neighbouring states.Since,I was born after many years of his marriage,I was greatly loved and pampered.Being a Princess,I was fearless and had full freedom.I.used to go horse-riding and hunting.I used to play games with my girl friends.The world was an ocean of happiness for me. From morning till evening,it was laughing, playing,eating, giving charities,merrily sitting and happily sleeping.There was no one who could say anything to me.I was my mom’s pampered daughter.My father loved my mom very much.Being the only child of my parents, nobody on earth could equal me.I was greatly respected by the people of the state.

My elders could not say anything to me due to their love for me..

In these luxuries and merriments, eighteen years passed.I did not know what was evil and what was pious.In my mind,I hardly felt any difference between a man and a woman.For me the world was a place of comfort and play,and it seemed as if everything is meant for my pleasure.The whole day,I kept on laughing and joking with my friends like a deer running around.

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