Yesterday was World Poetry Day. I thought of offering something at the Master’s Lotus Feet. But what can I possibly offer Him? He who is Himself ever giving, ever loving, ever kind. The one who never stops from showering his blessings and grace on one and all. The one who is non-discriminating and non judging. The one who is omnipotent with might that knows no bounds, yet as sweet and simple as a flower kissed by dew in spring. What can I write to glorify Him? How can I eulogize Him? With an impious heart and a soiled mind what I can put forward as a tribute to Him? Yet it is with this very impure heart and mind, laden with afflictions, that I have tried to entwine a poem for Him. It flowed in Hindi so my apologies to the English readers.

Kar do ab har diwas mera
Nit naveen ujjwal utsav
Main banu ek Paarth naya
Swami tum sanaatan Keshav!

Hriday me ho bas prem tumhara
Mita do tum mere sab krandan
Mujhko mera bhi dhyan na ho
Mann me raho tum Madhusudan!

Tum se hi har abhilasha ho
Lesh matra na ho ab trishna
Har shwaas me unmaad ho
Jo sang ho tum mere Krishna!

Mere tamas ko har kar tum
Nit karte mere chitt ko shudhha
Ek pag na uth sakta mera
Bin tumahre mere Aniruddha!

Main moodhmati na janu pujan
Na janu vidya na koi vidhi
Kya arpit karun main tumko
Mere KarunaSagar Dayanidhi!

Bhaya mujhe kis baat ka ho
Chinta kyu ho mann me bhari
Klesh na koi, santaap na ho
Jab Swami tum mere Shri Hari!

All Glories to my Master Om Swami! All Glories to my Shri Hari!

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