Radhey Shyam!

Jagannmata Ki Jai!

Indian culture, what comes in your mind first when you hear this word what comes in your mind?

Hmmmmm Let me guess.


I hope I guessed right, yeah yeah exceptions are there, I apologize…

What is the main attraction of these festivals???

Yes, it’s FOOD….

I know beautiful rituals are the main attraction but for a Bhukhad like me, festival season=delicious meals…..

In Indian Culture we have so many festivals, almost every month there is some festival. But in our home, season of festivals comes in the month of Bhadrapada Maas (Aughust-September). Other festivals are there but in these months we have festivals continuosly.

Let me tell you some of them:

In the start of Bhadrapada Maas, we celebrate Krishna Paksha’s Teej, festival for husband’s good health and long life.

Next day on Chaturathi we celebrate Bahula Chaturathi, in this festival mother fasts for her son’s good health.

Then comes Krishna Janmasthami…. Wow…. Birthday of Divine.

Then we celebrate Amavasya of Bhadrapad Maas.

So that’s all?

No it’s not over…

Now Shukla Paksha comes, we celebrate Teej here too.

Then comes Ganesh Chaturathi. Wow Bday of Gajanan Bhaiyaaa.

After this we celebrate Rishi Panchami.

After this what come? Any guesses???

Here comes, RADHASTHAMI.…… This year it’ll be celebrated on 14 September…

Oh I’m leaving the track.

Let’s get back to the topic: Bhakti Ka Tadakaa.

So you see food is the main attraction.

Let’s cook.

So I’m assuming we are going to use same gravy for different vegetables.

So what comes first?



First comes fire…

Fire… How it’s connected to divine?

One can’t walk on the path of Bhakti if the fire of Hari’s Darshana doesn’t ignites inside.

Yes if you want to see the Divine then you have this fire inside… Blessed you are.

So what comes next?

This time we should add ghee na?


where? Where to add this ghee?

Let’s put cauldron on fire…

What it means?

See, you got this desire of having Hari’s darshan right. So you have to check is it important to you?

How much this matters to you…. Give yourself time, see what you want actually.

This is same as giving time for heating the cauldron before adding ghee.

Now add Ghee to the cauldron.

You are ghee. Basic ingredient. If foundation is strong then building will not collapse.

So heat the ghee, you are heating yourself by keeping yourself calm in all situations. If you passes in keeping yourself calm then get ready for next twist.

Now add some cumin seeds and red chillies.

It means you are adding some efforts(flavors) in yourself(ghee), flavors of bhakti, small acts of kindness.

Now you add some tomatoes after cooking cumin seeds and chillies for a while.Β 

Now you are adding some ingredient which will give you smoothness, you are adding something in your habits, you are meditating on his form for sometime from your hectic day.

Now you add Turmeric powder, it’ll give a good colour too.

It means you are adding colour in your life, one’s life becomes colorful when he or she do something for others. This adds color in their charatcer.

Now we add salt according to the taste. It means you have to do whatever you can do. Don’t try to push yourselves, keep it simple but divine.

Now, what now?

Your gravy is ready…

Yes it’s ready, simple satvik gravy free from onion garlic hahahahahahaha…

Yes yes you can add a pinch of Asafoetida (hing) this will blossom you. Adding hing is adding something special, like dancing for divine like Meera to please him.

So gravy is ready. For me it is ready.

Your gravy may be different.

Now which vegetable you want?

Well it may be up to you to choose this but I’m leaving this to my Guru…

In one of video Swami Ji said, in Bhakti Marg, Bhavs comes from Guru. Your Guru meditated on particular form for years, so yes he can bless you with that form.

Ram Krishna Paramhansa did the same to Swami Vivekananda Ji. That’s why Vivekananda Ji prayed to Maa Kali in Chicago before delivering his speech.

So That’s all.

I don’t know how much I touched but that’s all I can do right now.

I hope I didn’t bored you…

Thanks for reading…

Pic Credits: indianartzone.com