As my matrimonial add featured in Hindustan times under the platinum pack thats each followimg Sunday of February 98 under the professional category ,we received bio datas through post bag mail box of news paper ranging from bankers ,researchers,property dealers, business men ,engineer and Charted Accountants too , Though no CHEF! Any was seems Divine wanted me to learn all cleaning, cooking, washing and house keeping in this life only! After selecting 12 biodatas from a heap of 200 based on state where we’ll settle ,qualification and profession of the boy ,his age difference with me and their cast ( sub cast) ,languages spoken at house aswelll food choices ,we finally started the process of Svayambar….. so the first professionally and systematically looked family were a retired Army officer’s Charted Accountant son ,who s special demand before meeting us at Standard restaurant cannought place was that girl should not be wearing any make up ( their experience said ,one rain and dolphins becomes whale) ! So on a pre decided time of 4 pm my White safari suit clad dashing dad and Yellow silk tanchhui saaree draped tour guide mom and a blue polka dotted white shirt worn me,entered the restaurant 5 minutes early only thinking, army family would always be punctual ,Before we could zero inn which table to choose to dine on ,we saw a middle table occupied by Colnel mustach uncle wearing army cap, his Rolly polly wife ,his Nazre jhukkaaye coy son and a child who was 8 year old ,in front of the table was laid i think half the items available on Restaurant menu ,from Paper masala dosa ,to hot and sour soup ,to Russian salad , Shephard s pie ,Bissibele bhaat ,chhole kulche ,french Wedges ,a coke can ,a sprite bottle and A tutty frooty cup of ice cream! All the family was engaged in eating the food like gluttons, i already hit my dad with my elbow on his and did a neck movement of left to right..
Such uncourteous and greedy gluttons cant be mine ever, now was time to Re imburse bill money.. in India ,its only the girl’s family who always pays restaurant bills! So after some customary formality talks as where was your grand father employed and what school did you join ,my father said ..lets have the kids have some private time to know each other more! I saw my father with Nose blown as Ram dev praanayaam ( foolan devi) ,he winked at me ,So i went with…lets name this boy Baabul Kupriyo( his bio data said he is an excellent singer) so i asked him ,i ll show u my c.p. office its 500 meters from here, on the way i asked him when do you want to get married,…He said when Papa wants ,the next question i asked him was, ” WHAT r u looking for in a girl? ” ,Daddy will see! This made my blood reach boiling level ,any ways now time to paisaa wasool…they had greedily ordered before our reaching restaurant and blamed it on Kupriyo s 8 year old brother..
So i asked Kupriyo, will u sing a song for me ,” He shy ly looked at me and the whole Janpath export shops were covered by us with his singing session! He smiled after finishing the song and so did i ,todays entertainment was over , to bid goodbye to family my father and i both said ,now we r freinds and we ll search girl for Kupriyo together ,he is a good boy! The family was shocked and without saying bye ,started their ambassador car and were 9 2 11! More candidates following soon!


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