My dearest,

I am sure you are fine up there and happy…!

This year has taken my most precious!! Now I am on the road of accepting this fact that you are gone. And what best I can do is to live in your memories and move on till I meet you again. Which I certainly will, as when I first met you, it was almost impossible then that we would have ever met again and be in love so deeply….but it was my faith and my prayers to God that worked and we met and rest is a tale to be told!

We have celebrated many 31st’s together.. this year it will be without you….But somehow I feel you will join me & cheer me virtually from somewhere. I will feel you for sure…I will play your favourite song…” आगे भी जाने न तू, पीछे भी जाने न तू, जो भी है, यही एक पल है…!” I will try to sip red wine which surely is not & will never taste the same. We never used 2 glasses, it was always one glass and you holding me close to sip the first…It never changed in 21 years whenever we got an opportunity to be together, That glass is still there but life-less since you left… !

I will cook your favourite paneer tikka as well. I mean I will try to relive the moment.

Your demise has changed me…It has made me more humble, compassionate & most importantly it has brought me near to God & Spirituality!

Wishing you a happy 2022 sweetheart…!

Below are few lines for you:

ये साल आएगा मगर तुम नहीं होंगे..,

लेकिन तुम्हारी यादें के जंगल बियावान हैं बहुत,

उन्ही  में खोजते तुमको ..तुमसे मिल जाऊंगी..,

तुमको चाहा है  कई जन्मों से…,

इसलिए  फ़िर मिलूंगी , मुझे पता है ये..,

तब तलक यादों का बियावान ही बहुत है 

मेरे लिए….उनमें भी तुम मुझे मिलने ही तो आते हो….!!!💐💐💐💐💐