30th Nov is a celebration day for all of us, the devotees of Swami and today was the day. 

Nearly 100 plus people inside the temple and 30 odd outside were waiting for Prabhu ji to come for the discourse. It is never a surprise that he has something in the bag for all of us and today was not an expection. He announced that this was the last birthday he will be celebrating and from now onwards he will live and celebrate everyday. 

But why he choose this, and the answer was simple he wants to take care of people and make this world a better place. 


What were the take away of today’s session 

1. Make your life worth sharing. 

2. Make a story worth telling. 

3. Do something to make this world. Better place. 

4. If you can’t do anything so just be kind enough. 

5. Walk towards truth and self development one step at a time and make this place worth living. 

6. You can either play golf or tennis choice is yours. Golf to improve yourself from a day before and tennis to have a completion with other. 

7. Love live laugh give as human body won’t be there for long. 

Sing, enjoy and discuss the glories of divine and have a peaceful life. 


Seeing people other and their eyes, one can’t share their emotions but yes life is like this. Either we participate or we run away.