I had been munching on a couple of biscuits that I had grabbed stealthily from their container, which was as usual, was half-empty given my repeated record of eating without reason. What can I do? Those bournvita biscuits tasted much better than I thought. Meanwhile while there was food for my grumbling tummy, there was also food for thought, as I was rereading my last publication, of which the link you will find in the following lines. 

Numerous delightfully kind, so much so that they seemed extraterrestrial (referring to angels, not aliens) people had commented on my one of my past blog.

Although you’ll reach it through clicking the blue link, you can also do so by clicking here.

Some of you asked me to publish as well the poems that I had gifted to swamiji . It’s my pleasure to do so! So I bring to you …my poems…. Kindly keep in mind that these were written by a ten-year old version of myself, (not that much has changed) so they may be considered more of rhymes. I have written in the language and bhav that seemed possible for me at the time. 

The first two poems were all based on swamiji, and he is such a humble person, he did not recite them, all because they were in his praise. The second two were on the ashram and the Giri.  And hereby goes my first poem, based on swamiji:

Swamiji with his radiant face,

All can be done with his grace.

Swamiji truly is a god,

Nothing can be done without you, lord.

When I met him,

I was glad,

When with him,

You’ll never feel sad.

Swamiji blooms like a flower,

Inside him he has divine power.

Swamiji’s nicer than anything,

He’s got an amazing voice to sing.

He has a very fast walk,

It’s a blessing to hear him talk.

Inside him he’s got lots of might.

And he’s really a mesmerising sight.

Swamiji is a silver star,

But he has never been far.

He has always prevailed in your heart,

Even if it is just your start.

End of poem 1. Still laughing at para number 4. But it is true, isn’t it? His voice is divine. I can listen to it for centuries altogether.

A poem written on the story of Giriganga, also written in the diary. Poem number 2!

In the story of giriganga,

There is a lot to tell.

It starts from a sage

And how his waterpot  fell.

When his waterpot  fell,

He shouted, “Oh there it goes!”

Oh! Giri Ganga!

There the jal  flows.

Sage Agastya held his head

And said,”Oh dear!”

“What shall I do now?”

He exclaimed in fear.

And that’s how giriganga 

Got its very name.

I hope you tell it to others,

All the very same!

I earlier thought of publishing all four poems together, however this blog might end up too long. Though, I must say, even if to myself, that my skills seem to have improved. Fast forward to 2021, here is a poem on swamiji written quite recently. 

In your silence lie a hundred words of love

In your embrace warmth more than that of fire.

Your radiance like a thousand shining stars bright

While you hide this all in a monk’s ochre attire.

Your wisdom flows like the gushing giri

Your presence huge like the Himalayas where you reside.

Your feet like petals of a fresh lotus, soft and beautiful

Your voice gentle like a spring, yet commanding like a rising tide.

My mortal mind tries and fails, miserably

As it tries to capture your beauty in its form true

And you come and go like a gust of wind

Leaving a question on my mind, master. Who,

Reveal to me the truth, my lord.

Who are you?


Thank you so much for reading this blog. Do tell me if you’d like to read the other two. I’ll be sure to post them soon. Again, thank you for your constant love and support. It means a lot to me. And another huge thanks to those who pressed the blue button underneath. I don’t know what good karma I’ve done to get so much support from you all. It means so, so so so much that can’t be put into words.

(P.S: My exams are nearing, and most probably I’ll spend the rest of my January and February in preparing for them. I won’t be publishing any wisdomish-blogs in this duration. I will however, if you wish, post the other two poems. My apologies to those beautiful souls who wait for my blogs, or so they say 🙂 Thank you for reading! Jai Sri Hari!)

Edited: Jai Sri Hari, edited the blog a little! In this blog, I’d also like to offer my heartfelt and biggest thank you ever to swamiji for his comment on my last post. I can simply never ever thank you enough, swamiji. I don’t even deserve this much of your love, yet you go about, fulfilling my childish desires and wishes. A tears-eyed thanks and infinite pranams at your divine lotus feet. As for love to you? Immeasurable. You can find his amazing, loving comment here:


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