The feeling of getting blocked on all social media accounts given to you by your best friend hits different when you are a teenager.

Hello family! Today I’m back with another story of life, some mistakes I made in the past, and some learnings I learned from my mistakes. This post speaks all about a teenager dealing with different emotions.

The story starts when I entered my teenage, thirteen, I was in eigth standard. Till my matriculation I didn’t made any friends or you can say I didn’t gave a tag of best friend to anyone. It was in 11th when I met this beautiful soul, that time it seemed to be maa’s blessing because when I was going through harsh things, this friend of mine entered my karmic circle.

Till 12th everything was fine, maybe because we didn’t had any personal smart phone. The medium of contacting each other was our parent’s smartphone and our classroom. When a teenager gets his or her personal phone that feeling of joy, freedom is of its own kind.

Nowadays I can see, these new generations can’t relate to our situation and ofcourse my generation can’t relate to our elder generations but still it’s all about enjoying our time.

So, we got our smartphones after our 12th and as soon as I got my first smartphone I created my social media accounts on different platforms. I used to chat with my friends but my best friend always remained in frequently contacted list.

The problem started when conflicts in our thoughts started to rise, of course it’s normal because we all are different, we all are normal but I didn’t knew this at that time. I might have said some insensitive things to him without thinking before opening my mouth which triggered his ego and he blocked me for 2-3 months.

After realising my mistake I was in a great grief but I didn’t commited this much big mistake. Time passed and he unblocked me and I apologized. But this pattern of blocking me for small things continued, almost for three years he used to do this.

I used to feel very depressed that is this guy my best friend who can’t even listen to my insensitive statements sometimes, not even trying to correct me or accepting me, he’s just blocking me. Thoughts like this used to come.

But this did a beautiful thing, something changed in my mind after years. I was feeling happy that he did this to me, I learnt to love myself and being more kinder to others and control my words before speaking them.

In 2020 when this lockdown came I got a lot of time to work on myself and truth to be told I got initiated just before the complete lockdown, for me it was a boon. I got a lot of time to be with my ishta in my home. I became more kind and trust me being kind to others as well as to yourself is the best gift you can give.

Being kind to others is like nurturing your own tree of kindness and sowing a seed of kindness in others as well. Be kind.

(This thought just came in my mind, I don’t know if someone said this earlier, let me know if someone said this earlier in same words.)

Now my that friend is living happily and whenever he calls me I treat him just like the way I treat myself. Everything happens for a reason in our lives. I can see back in my own life, things which didn’t made any sense to me at that time are making sense now.

Ending this post by Swami’s Mantra of life:
Live, Love, Laugh, Give…
Stay blessed

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