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Everybody is busy , some are busy at home , some are busy on phone , some are not doing anything , why the people are busy because they want to achieve . You will be knowing that people are busy because they want to be happy .
What is happiness ?
Is happiness is goal ?,is happiness is journey ?, is happiness is achievement? , is happiness is feeling ?. You can feel happiness when you would know the reverse side of happiness . There is a material happiness , dependent happiness or false happiness . Happiness is not your achievement , not attainment , it is your state of mind , it is state of being . Two types of happiness , one is dependent happiness and other is independent happiness . If you define the happiness , it means you feel good or rejoice because of external factors that is dependent happiness . The real happiness is the cumulative effect what you do in life 100 percent . If you put key elements in your life , you will experience happiness .if you go with morality , purity and conviction , honesty in your operating system, happiness sprouts and blooms .
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