In this Covid period, I am sure all of us are struggling not only physically but also mentally. It is quite taxing. Amidst this chaos going around us, I want to convey an important message.

As a doctor, I want to request everyone to donate blood before taking their first dose of vaccine as it may save a life in the future. If you have taken your first dose of vaccine, then you can donate blood only after 28 days post the second shot. Why is important to donate blood before taking the vaccine? We are looking at 56 days at least from the first dose, only after that, you’ll be able to donate blood again . Let there be not a another shortage and another crisis in our country .

We are in this together. It’s my humble request to pass on this message to your friends and family before the mass vaccine drive begins. 

Let’s be more responsible and try to help in whatever way possible and spread positive thoughts.

With much love,

Dr Hephzibah a.k.a Dr Aathira

PS: Sorry about the poor articulation of this article