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Body is the servant of Mind and soul is driving force of our body   , means  soul is supreme power which drives   our  body where we live in .Though , we are very careful about our vehicle 🚗 schedule maintenance and check up , but we  never ever  do  the same to our body   . If we start caring  of our body , its longevity will go high  , we also ignore that what kind of fuel we are using for our body , 

Mind is the commander of body , the body follows the instruction and obeys sincerely whether it is negative or positive action .  Body turns the command into action respectively. Therefore, please mind your mind  in all situations and avoid unwarranted situation in life . We are surrounded by all unwarranted adversities, it is not in our control because script of life had been written when we born .Life is journey , the full form of LIFE-LOVE INVITED FOR EVER. Blood flows in heart is equal to love flows.

Om Shanti,AstroAshok 

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